Liberty Tire Recycling Publishes 2022 Sustainability Report

Pittsburgh-based Liberty Tire Recycling has unveiled its 2022 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report, reaffirming its commitment to sustainability.

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August 24, 2023

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Pittsburgh-based Liberty Tire Recycling, has unveiled its 2022 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report, reaffirming its commitment to sustainability.

The company's paramount objective of achieving zero waste by 2030 takes center stage, accompanied by an array of strategic initiatives aimed at propelling sustainable products, amplifying environmental stewardship and fostering community engagement.

Thomas Womble,  Liberty Tire Recycling CEO, commented, "At Liberty Tire, we recognize that the pursuit of zero waste is not just an aspiration; it is a responsibility we owe to our planet and future generations." Womble emphasized the company's eagerness to collaborate with customers and industry peers to pioneer new market spaces and opportunities in their quest for this pivotal goal.

The 2022 ESG report showcases a series of milestones, including:

Tire Collection and Reclamation: The company successfully collected over 195 million tires across the United States and Canada, yielding 4.3 billion pounds of rubber for innovative, beneficial applications.

Carbon Footprint Reduction: Liberty Tire Recycling's adoption of recycled products facilitated the avoidance of more than 750,000 Metric Tons of CO2e.

Workplace Safety Enhancements: A  58% reduction in annual OSHA recordables and an 85% decrease in Lost Time injuries since 2010 underscored the company's dedication to fostering a secure working environment.

Innovative Recycling Solutions: By repurposing super sacks into composite lumber products, the company diverted over 371,000 pounds from its waste stream.

Efficiency Milestones: Liberty Tire Recycling's targeted efforts led to a reduction of over 161,000 miles in fleet mileage through route optimization in the Texas market, contributing to reduced emissions.

Energy Conservation: The company's initiative to transition more than 320,000 square feet to LED lighting yielded a 67% reduction in lighting consumption.

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