ForRec and CIS Bringing Complete Recycling Machinery Solutions to North America

September 10, 2020

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The partnership between ForRec and CIS aims at providing recycling machinery solutions to North America. Let’s focus on the main features of these two companies. 

ForRec designs and manufactures complete plants for the recycling and disposal of any type of municipal solid waste and industrial waste. ForRec has incorporated innovative solutions and technologies within these plants which reduce costs and offers quicker ROI’s. ForRec has collaborated with CIS to offer these solutions in North America. In addition to the turnkey plants, FoRec offers a complete post-sales service and maintenance program, which guarantee’s less machinery down time and reduced maintenance costs. 

CIS (Cole Integrated Systems Inc.) Cole Integrated Systems is a privately owned and operated business. The CIS team is extremely excited to be in partnership with Forrec, a company that is meticulous about attention to detail. CIS is confident that the technology behind Forrec and the experience and customer base with CIS is a recipe for great success. Philip Fracassi, Darlene Bronowicki, Andrea Mattina and Jon Maly have established a strong management team with years of experience in the waste and metals industries.  In addition to the management team, Cole Integrated Systems now has a dedicated service team here in the United States that has developed a spare parts program that is unmatched by any of our competitors. Please contact us for more information on our spare parts program. 

ForRec and CIS bring complete and innovative recycling machinery solutions to North America. The main application fields of the recycling solutions include:

  • Electric motors

  • E-scrap

  • Plastics

  • Electrical wire/cable: up to 12 Tph Wire/Cable Shredding with 3” screen

  • Tires: up to 9 Tph of clean cut 50x50 mm tire shreds featuring the new bolt in blades, in particular with the new TX1600 Shredder.

ForRec and CIS can develop and provide you the perfect solution for solid waste treatment and disposal, from motor to radiators to consumer waste. 

What are the main advantages of ForRec and CIS partnership? 

ForRec and CIS offer over 30 years of combined experience in the field of recycling machinery solutions. The two companies experience and knowledge base both international and domestic can help identify the best recycling solutions in many different application fields such as metal scrap, wire/cable scrap, e-scrap, plastics and tire scrap. Furthermore, our wear and spare parts program, ForRec’s 24/7 technical assistance and the engineering/service teams based both in Italy (ForRec) and in North America (CIS) definitely shows our commitment to being the best solution to your machinery needs!

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