Food Waste Reduced During Pandemic

August 25, 2020

1 Min Read

Approximately a third of the world’s food is wasted every year (U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization).  

When the pandemic hit, food security became a concern for many people and they began wasting less food. Whether it was through meal planning, shopping less, checking the cupboards for ingredients or using leftovers, they found a better way to use food. 

That’s good news for the environment, since food waste is responsible for around 8 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. 

“Although people are reporting wasting more food as restrictions lift ... the positive news is that 70 percent of people want to maintain their new-found food management behaviors in the long term,” said Richard Swannell, director at WRAP Global, which works with governments to reduce food waste. “This is an encouraging sign that people are taking this opportunity to adopt less wasteful habits in life after lockdown.”  

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