Infographic: Our Top NothingWasted! Podcasts from 2022

January 5, 2023

1 Min Read

In 2022, we spoke to a handful of industry experts who shared their brilliant insights on waste, recycling, and organics. 

From various topics, such as leadership advice, to what can be recycled or composted, our listeners have enjoyed our #NothingWastedPodcast episodes so much that we had over 30,000 listeners throughout the year!

Catch up on our top podcast episodes that grab our listeners attention:

1. Episode 151: Rising Leaders Talk Trash
2. Episode 172: Let's Talk Composting & Compostable Packaging
3. Episode 149: Digging into Compostable Packaging With Kate Flynn of Sun & Swell Foods
4. Episode 148: Ya Fav Trashman Humanizes Sanitation Workers
5. Episode 147: How the DOE Is Finding Energy & Value in Plastics
6. Episode 143: Practical Justice: Preparing to Comply with N.J.’s Environmental Justice Law
7. Episode 152: One-on-One Chat with Jon Vander Ark, President and CEO, Republic Services
8. Episode 142: The Science of Sustainability
9. Episode 140: Talking about the Evolving Nature of Recycling with ISRI


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