This Week in Waste: Top Stories for July 10-13

The top headlines on include calling out "bad" operators, a 40 Under 40 award winner, MRFS cashing in on films, and sustainable bitcoin mining!

Gage Edwards, Content Producer

July 14, 2023

#5 - EZ Blockchain Puts Focus on Sustainability in Bitcoin Ecosystem

Bitcoin mining can take a toll on our environment if done without regard but bitcoin miner, EZ Blockchain and other companies alike are putting sustainability first through new innovations and partnerships.

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#4 - Pyrolysis to Treat/Dispose Medical Waste: How Does it Fair Against Alternative Methods?

There’s a lot of industry chatter around pyrolysis. Is it an efficient and safe way to transform waste, and what types of waste for which industries? In this Q&A Dan Nienhauser, co-founder and CEO Stellar3, discusses pyrolysis’ role in managing medical waste—a fast-growing stream. U.S. hospitals produce almost six million tons of medical waste annually, calling for solutions.

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#3 - Can MRFs Cash in on Film Trash While Helping Fill in Supply Chain Gaps?

Flexible films are the most prevalent plastic packaging material in the U.S.— double that of the widely used resin, polyethylene terephthalate (PET)—over 12 billion pounds of film flow into the market a year. But only one to five percent is recycled, and it’s commonly shipped long distances for conversion due to lacking processing infrastructure and local end markets. Some plastics and recycling industry stakeholders are trying to figure out how to tackle what’s increasingly recognized as a waste and supply chain conundrum.

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#2 - Monica Rowand Helps Stadiums Achieve Zero-Waste Goals

Monica Rowand started out by looking for a way to merge sports and sustainability, eventually she found herself winning a 40 Under 40 award for her part in helping sports stadiums achieve zero-waste.

Watch the full interview here.

#1 - Holy Smokes! Should We Allow “Bad” Operators to Operate?

Should we allow “bad” operators to operate? This is not meant to be an easy question to answer. The reality is we allow “bad” car salesmen to sell cars, but we have limits on what they can do legally to protect customers. In most other industries, market forces drive who is perceived as “good” and who is perceived as “bad,” as consumers vote with the dollars they spend.

Read the full article here.

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Gage Edwards

Content Producer, Waste360

Gage Edwards is a Content Producer at Waste360 and seasoned video editor.

Gage has spent the better part of 10 years creating content in various industries but mostly revolving around video games.

Gage loves video games, theme parks, and loathes littering.

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