ReThink BioClean BC and Mind Your Plastic Announce Strategic Partnership to Combat Plastic Waste in Canada

July 17, 2023

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KELOWNA, BC, CANADA -- To celebrate Plastic Free July, ReThink BioClean, a leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Mind Your Plastic, an environmental organization dedicated to eliminating plastic pollution in Canada. This collaboration aims to create a comprehensive approach to tackling the pressing issue of plastic pollution and promoting a sustainable future.

Plastic waste has become a global environmental crisis, with Canada generating millions of tons of plastic waste each year. ReThink BioClean BC and Mind Your Plastic recognize the urgency to address this problem and are committed to driving positive change by offering innovative solutions and promoting responsible consumption. Mind Your Plastic was chosen as a partner by ReThink BioClean BC because both companies' goals for reducing plastic were completely aligned. MYP promotes the Circular Economy Ambassador Program (CEAP) and ReThink BioClean identifies specifically to a Circular Economy model. ReThink BioClean BC wanted a way to track metrics within their organization and the Plastic Awareness and Reduction Toolkit (PART) allows for monitoring and measuring the great work that ReThink BioClean BC’s customers are doing by supporting both company’s plastics awareness initiatives.

Through this strategic partnership, ReThink BioClean BC and Mind Your Plastic will work together to implement a range of initiatives aimed at reducing plastic waste in various sectors across Canada. This collaboration will leverage the expertise and resources of both organizations to develop sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics, raise awareness about the importance of plastic waste reduction, and drive behavior change at an individual and organizational level.

Key objectives of the partnership include:

Developing and promoting sustainable packaging solutions: ReThink BioClean BC’s commitment to sustainable packaging combined with Mind Your Plastic’s insights into plastic waste reduction will enable the development of innovative and eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics with a focus on upstream solutions. This joint effort will help businesses across Canada transition to more sustainable packaging options and reduce their reliance on plastic.

Education of business communities: ReThink BioClean BC and Mind Your Plastic understand the importance of education in driving behavioral change. The partnership will foster conversations about how large-scale the plastics pollution problem in Canada is, and serve to provide education, real-world solutions, and innovative programs to change the mindset of business leaders.

Advocacy and policy influence: ReThink BioClean BC and Mind Your Plastic recognize the need for supportive policies and regulations to address plastic waste effectively. ReThink BioClean BC aims to overcome the common challenges and obstacles such as providing businesses with a reduced cost for their refillables, and a more sustainable solution to single-use plastics. This initiative aims to influence the provincial leadership particularly in Saskatchewan to find ways to adapt to a Zero Waste model.

ReThink BioClean BC is an Indigenous-owned company, based in Kelowna, BC with other operations in Regina, Saskatoon, and Brandon, with expansion planned in other provinces across Canada. ReThink BioClean BC is a revolutionary company offering cleaning supplies, equipment and products focusing on a zero waste model. The company provides a unique refillery system for cleaning liquids and supplies, to help customers become part of the zero waste and plastic free movement. ReThink BioClean BC supply and bulk-fill cleaning chemical tanks for customers, and re-use/refill the plastic packaging (jugs/pails) as often as possible to reduce waste.

“Our organization believes that perspectives on plastic need to change. Businesses should get engaged in the plastics reduction solution because they can make a difference. Our team was not aware that most plastic containers are not recycled, and so more education will help put the problem in perspective. We became more educated on the amount of plastic waste when we began to research our business model. We believe that with more education and alternative solutions, that we will change the plastics perspective of business owners,” says Shane Sutherland, the owner of ReThink BioClean BC, “Without a doubt, businesses will need to take on a primary role for plastic reduction. We have seen when governments enforce the reduction of plastic, businesses are able to adapt quickly to find an alternative. I think if businesses embrace the tools available to them such as the MYP Plastic Awareness and Reduction Toolkit (PART), this can help identify sound plastic reduction strategies. That is our goal with ReThink BioClean.”

This strategic partnership between ReThink BioClean BC and Mind Your Plastic reflects their unwavering commitment to combating plastic waste and preserving the environment. Through their joint initiatives, the aim is to inspire change and encourage individuals and organizations to embrace sustainable practices, ultimately leading to a cleaner and greener Canada.

“We believe the Plastic Awareness and Reduction Toolkit provides a starting point for businesses to get involved. Our goal is to initiate several audits a year with our customers and then provide feedback with the net change in plastics reduction. We believe if we track the change in plastic use for a specific industry, we can showcase these metrics to inspire others to get on board with the program.

For more information about ReThink BioClean BCand Mind Your Plastic, please visit their respective websites at and

About ReThink BioClean BC: ReThink BioClean BC is a leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions. The company is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of packaging waste by developing innovative and eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics with their unique refillery model.

About Mind Your Plastic: Mind Your Plastic is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to eliminating plastic pollution. Mind Your Plastic works with Canadian municipalities to advocate for plastic reduction policies, works alongside Canadian businesses to transition to upstream models like reduce and reuse, and delivers direct action and education programming.

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