Geo-Tech Opens Plastics Recycling Plant

Geo-Tech Polymers has opened a plastics recycling facility in Waverly, Ohio.

The Westerville, Ohio-based Geo-Tech said in a news release that the facility will specialize in decorated plastics recycling for the retail packaging industry.

The company removes coatings such as screen printing and labels from plastic substrate materials with detergents. The approach transforms decorated plastic scrap into recycled resin that can be certified back to its original prime specifications.

The facility is Geo-Tech’s second recycling facility in Ohio. The company said it has 100,000 square feet of space and can process 20 million to 30 million pounds of recycled plastics per year.

Geo-Tech is a division of Wastren Advantage Inc., a waste management and recycling services company that provides solutions for managing hazardous and radioactive materials.


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