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Diaper Dilemma

Who would've guessed that Scotland's waste problems and jobs could all be wrapped up in cloth diapers. To reduce waste, the Scotland government plans to research and possibly launch a marketing campaign to promote the use of “real nappies.” The reason: Disposable diapers contribute a significant amount of nondegradable waste to landfills, and Scottish ministers would like to recycle and compost 25 percent of municipal waste by 2006, the BBC reports.

“The Scottish [government] wants to see a dramatic reduction in the amount of waste … Scots send to landfill sites,” Deputy Environment Minister Allan Wilson says. “I understand fully why people use disposable nappies — they are convenient.”

Disposable diapers are said to be one of the biggest contributors to the country's “burgeoning waste mountain.” Plus, Wilson says, their cloth counterparts will help to support green causes and create jobs, too.

Source: BBC News