Indian River County Solid Waste Disposal District Partners with Heartland Water Technology for Long-term Onsite Leachate Management Services

The Indian River County (IRC) Solid Waste Disposal District Facility (SWDD) tied down a long-term solution to its growing levels of leachate. The partnership with Heartland Water Technology commenced construction and will be in use early next year.

October 10, 2022

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Indian River County Solid Waste Disposal District Partners with Heartland Water Technology for Long-term Onsite Leachate

The Indian River County (IRC) Solid Waste Disposal District Facility (SWDD) has secured a long-term, onsite, cost-certain solution for managing its growing volumes of landfill leachate. The county's strategic service partner, Heartland Water Technology, will furnish, install and operate a state-of-the-art leachate treatment facility using Heartland's award-winning Heartland Concentrator™. The plant has commenced construction and will begin service early next year.

The SWDD generates approximately 25,000 gallons per day of landfill leachate. As the landfill grows, this volume is expected to increase. Like many landfills, the SWDD currently sends leachate to the county's Utility Wastewater Treatment Facility and has started trucking concentrated leachate to an offsite disposal plant across the State at considerable expense. In addition to adding more vehicles to the road, offsite disposal is fraught with uncertainty, as disposal outlets are cutting off leachate at an accelerating rate. Once cut off from a primary disposal solution, costs can easily rise severalfold.

Uneasy with offsite disposal of landfill leachate, the IRC Board of County Commissioners, through its leadership at the SWDD, sought a long-term solution that would eliminate offsite disposal of leachate, lock-in a long-term cost-certain solution, and improve its community and environmental stewardship.

After a rigorous selection process, including a third-party expert evaluation of several alternate disposal treatments, the SWDD selected an onsite evaporation solution from Heartland Water Technology. SWDD's decision was based on Heartland's complete leachate management service offering, its proven track record with onsite leachate treatment, and a highly successful onsite pilot project, validated by the SWDD's engineering consulting expert, Geosyntec. "The county's leadership team showed great vision with this project" said Earl Jones, CEO of Heartland Water Technology. "Bettering the community and environment, treating the leachate onsite, and locking in solution costs for the county for years to come – this is good government."

Onsite treatment also delivers operational and economic benefits for the county. "Leachate management is a major challenge for every landfill," said Himanshu Mehta, Managing Director for the Indian River County Board of County Commissioners. "Our leachate management solution takes away this challenge for the county allowing focus on what we do best, which is the safe, professional management of disposal operations."

About the Indian River County Solid Waste Disposal District

The Solid Waste Disposal District is a dependent district of Indian River County, Florida. It provides for the management of solid waste and recycling services throughout Indian River County.

About Heartland Water Technology

Heartland Water Technology, Inc. ( develops innovative solutions for treating the world's most challenging waste and wastewaters. Focused at the intersection of water, renewable energy and resource recovery, Heartland's team offers complete turnkey waste and wastewater management solutions and services.

SOURCE Heartland Water Technology

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