Women of Waste Pro: Leslie Aponte

Waste Pro celebrates its women employees with this highlight of Leslie Aponte. “The women here are some of the most influential people in the garbage business," she says.

October 17, 2022

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Women of Waste Pro: Leslie Aponte

For Leslie Aponte, a garbage truck driver is one of the most important jobs in the world – and she loves being a part of it.

Leslie joined Waste Pro’s Ft. Myers, FL Division in 2016 as a customer service representative. She had worked as a restaurant General Manager for 20 years and needed a change.

“I wanted to do something different from management, but I guess it’s in my blood,” she said. “I’ve just continued to move up!”

From customer service representative to customer service lead to her current role, office manager, Leslie loves being a part of the garbage industry.

“It’s one of the most important jobs,” she said. “They’re out there providing essential services…I just appreciate hard work.”

Leslie has been fascinated by the industry since stepping into it. She’s spent time in dispatch and with supervisors to learn as much as she could.

“I was always the one who said yes when everyone else said no,” she said. “‘Can you stay? Can you cover dispatch? Can you learn this?’ It was always yes, yes, yes.”

Everything Leslie has learned from the other departments, from operations to business, she has taken back with her to her customer service team, which helps them provide informed solutions to customers.

Each day, Leslie meets with her team, discusses the day ahead, and does whatever she needs to in order to get things done.

“I don’t really consider myself not able to jump in,” she said. “I can do customer service, I can do dispatch…I’ve worked in all the different positions here.”

Leslie’s career has come full circle over the last six years. Her office is the very same one she interviewed in when she applied for the job – something she hopes is encouraging to new job candidates.

“There’s so much opportunity for growth,” she said. “I started from the bottom and moved right up the ladder.”

Helping her throughout her career growth, no doubt, has been her relationship with her colleagues. Waste Pro, she says, is a family environment.

“It’s my second family. Everyone has embraced me,” she said. “The women here are some of the most influential people in the garbage business.”

When she’s not working, Leslie likes to travel and spend time with her family.

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