Let 'Em Roll

June 1, 2001

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Let 'Em Roll

Danielle Onorato

With all the roll-offs on the market, it's tough to decide which one to choose. Following is a sampling of the many roll-off hoists, tilt frames, containers and other equipment in the industry. For more information, refer to the Waste Age Buyer's Guide in the July 2000 issue.

American Roll-Off

American Roll-Off, Trenton, N.J., offers single, tandem and triaxle hoists for 12-foot to 28-foot containers, as well as a line of single-axle roll-offs for 16-, 18-, 20- and 22-foot containers. The company's XT series of roll-offs features a large valve, pump, rollers and sheaves. All pins can be removed with a wrench. The triaxle-mount heavy duty series is used for 60,000-pound to 75,000-pound applications and 22-foot to 26-foot hoists. This series features removable cylinder pins, roller pins and a replaceable wire harness. Single-axle roll-off hoists for 12-foot to 22-foot containers can be designed to fit a customer's existing chassis or can accept a lift axle. Off-highway roll-offs are built to fit Terex, Caterpillar and Volvo off-road trucks. Low-profile bridge formula trailers, used for over-the-road and local transport, are available in a drop-deck or standard profile. Quick-mount hoists are available with 45,000-pound and 55,000-pound capacities.

Benlee Inc.

Benlee, Romulus, Mich., offers a line of roll-off containers, trucks and trailers. Open-top containers are available from 10 yards to 100 yards and can be customized, the company says. Trucks come in tri-, quad- five- and tandem-axle configurations from 22 feet to 30 feet long. Tilt frames have 60,000-pound to 75,000-pound capacities. Benlee's new roll-off truck has a 70,000-pound capacity, a 28-foot tilt frame quad axle, twin lift cylinders, single- or dual-reeving cylinders and steerable lift axles. The company also makes conventional, two-box, drop deck, mini and steel body trailers.


Bes-Pac, Easley, S.C., offers the Huge Haul (HH) series of hoists. The hoists are subframe units available in more than 14 models, according to the company. Outside rail, extendable tail, deadlift and inside/outside rail models are available. The HH series is available in single-axle models and in 75,000-pound capacities for certain models. The new IC 1060 model has 10-inch rails, interchangeable hoist cylinders and a 60,000-pound capacity.

Better Built Equipment

Better Built Equipment, Oran, Mo., manufactures roll-off hoists with dual-rail construction, a heavy duty rear hinge and a pusher to let the driver push the dumpster onto a tag trailer or a dock. All hoists have an outside rail width of 35 feet, 6 inches; a 60,000-pound capacity; a 50-degree dump angle; 4-inch, greasable rollers; and 2,100-pounds per square inch (psi) of operating pressure. Options include a stainless steel toolbox, a back-up alarm, a commercial pump and a 22-foot dual-rail design.


Chagnon International, Varennes, Quebec, Canada, offers the roll-off CRO series; the dead frame CTD-39 series; the 4-axle, angle drop deck CTLA-48-4 series; and the 4-axle, drop deck roll-off trailer CTL-48-4 series. The CRO series includes models CRO-40, CRO-60 and CRO-75, with capacities from 40,000 pounds to 75,000 pounds and lengths from 16 feet to 22 feet. Features of CRO models include 51 feet of cable, a 60,000-pound capacity, an adjustable front stopper and in-cab air controls. Options include a heavy duty steel fender, manual or automatic tarper, stinger tail, and 386-gallons per minute (gpm) and 45-gpm pumps. The CTD-39 series trailer weighs approximately 8,200 pounds and is available from 30 feet to 48 feet with a 50,000-pound capacity.

The CTD-39 roll-off has 34-inch rails, 4-inch side rollers lubricated with filler between the first three rollers and a hydraulic 10,000-pound capacity front winch with quick couplers.

The CTLA-48-4 series features 51 feet of cable, an 80,000-pound capacity and a trailer weight of approximately 23,000 pounds. Specifications include a 48-foot-long frame with the stinger closed, an 11 foot-long deck with 7 feet of rails, and a 10 inch-long deck drop. The roll-off hoist has a 7-foot front deck, tubular 34-inch-wide by 38-foot-long hoist rail, and 4-inch lubricated side rollers.

Clement Industries

The frameless Bridger roll-off from Clement Industries, Minden, La., is a sliding tandem that extends both the internal and external bridges of the trailer to haul larger payloads. After the trailer is loaded, the bridger is stretched out to running configuration for hauling on the highway. When the final destination is reached, the sliding process is reversed so that the load can be dumped over the rear tandem. Features include the dead-lift roll-off with large tail rollers for loading and unloading; double-acting cylinders that allow the driver to alternately shorten and lengthen the wheel base to get out of low-traction areas; 80,000-pound lifting, loading and unloading capability; multiple rollers for box support ranging from 20 feet to 34 feet long; four-inch, tubular steel rails with high-tensile steel top and bottom straps; an inside/outside roller option; control options, allowing for controls inside the cab or on the trailer; and a three-point stability system, including draft arms, a cylinder and a wide-based tandem.

Converto Manufacturing

Converto Manufacturing Co. Inc., Cambridge City, Ind., manufactures the Leav-a-Tainer semi-trailer roll-off tilt-frame hoist, the Leav-a-Tainer outside rail roll-off tilt frame hoist and the Ram-e-jec horizontal discharge system. The Leav-a-Tainer semi-trailer hoist has a 60,000-pound capacity and is available in 24-, 26-, 28- and 30-foot-long trailers with standard outside rails. Inside/outside rails, stingtail and deadlift hoist systems also are available. Features include an automatic container release lock system and a maximum 50-degree dump angle. The Leav-a-Tainer outside rail hoist also has a 60,000-pound capacity and is available in 18-, 20-, 22- and 24-foot-long outside rail hoists. Ram-e-jec features include fingertip controls in the cab, cylinder thrust ratings to 140,000 pounds, truck- or trailer-mounted options and trailer lengths to 36 feet. Options include a watertight ratchet or boomer-type tailgate locking system, an auxiliary engine with an accessible power system, tarp coverings, hydraulic tailgate operation and trailer front-mounted hydraulic fluid storage.


The Patrick hoist from ECP Inc., Kimball, S.D., loads up to 1,000 pounds of positive and negative loads. It is available in sizes ranging from 24 inches long with a 12-inch throw to 72 inches long with a 60-inch throw. The hoist is available in different ratios for speed variance and can be used with A-frame hook loading systems as well as with chain- and cable-driven loading systems. The hoist can be driven by hand crank or electric motor.

Edge Manufacturing

Edge Manufacturing Inc., Corona, Calif., offers the model DGRO-22 roll-off body, as well as customized roll-off bodies. The DGRO-22 has a 60,000-pound lifting capacity, a winch or reeving system, inside/outside controls and rails, and extendable tail and deadlift capabilities. Options include a toolbox, trailer hitch, chassis stretch, wet line and tarp. According to the company, Edge manufactures and re-manufactures its own parts.


Environmental Service Products Manufacturing (ESPM) Inc., Lodi, Calif., manufactures roll-off equipment such as container trailers, intermediate single roll-off trailers, drop-deck trailers, pull trailers and roll-off hoists. The company also manufactures environmental roll-off containers such as sludge containers with tarps and several lid configurations, vacuum containers, frac tanks and miniature frac tanks.

EZ Rolloff

Trailers and hoists from EZ Rolloff LLC, Rogers, Minn., include a cable system, a 9-hp Horse Honda engine with electric start and oil alert, safety load holding valves direct-mounted on hydraulic cylinders and a 16-gallon reservoir with dual filtration. Accessories include fuel and water tanks that hold up to 1,000 gallons, a 12-foot and 16-foot flatbed, 10-yard and 15-yard containers, and 12-foot, and 16-foot storage containers with options such as door configurations, colors, windows, and insulated and interior lighting.

G&H Manufacturing

G&H Manufacturing Ltd., Arlington, Texas, manufactures the 1500 roll-off hoist, HH 4024 hooklift hoist, 1600 roll-off hoist trailer, EXT-22 extendable roll-off trailer and TBX50L two-box roll-off hoist trailer. The 1500 comes in 75,000-pound and 80,000-pound capacities, and includes interchangeable lift and reeving cylinders, a 50-degree dump angle, 1,900-psi of operating pressure, and a 35-gallons per minute (gpm) pump. Options include inside/outside rails with or without rollers, automatic tarper, stinger and wet line kit.

The HH4024 has a 54,000-pound capacity and a container capability ranging from 19 feet to 24 feet in length. Rear fenders have a replaceable and interchangeable bolt-on ⅛-inch steel thread plate. The HH4024 has an operating pressure of 3,500 psi and a 35-gpm pump operating at 1,500 revolutions per minute (rpm). Options include a side-mount tool/tarp box, plastic or diamond-plate aluminum fenders, front-mount pump, automatic tarper and pusher axle/tag axle.

The 1600 trailers are available with a 60,000-pound hoist and can operate using tractor hydraulics or with an optional gas- or diesel-powered engine mounted on the front of the trailer. Standard features include sealed beam lights enclosed in a steel box and mounted in rubber and bolt-on ⅛-inch steel tread plate rear fenders. Options include in-cab air controls, aluminum tread plate fenders, stinger and automatic tarper.

The EXT-22 has a 60,000-pound capacity, a 22-foot to 24-foot container length, a maximum tilt angle of 50 degrees and air-ride suspension with a 50,000-pound capacity.

The TBX50L is 49 foot 6 inches long and has a single hydraulic winch reeving system with a 60,000-pound capacity and up to two 24-foot-long containers. Options include a 6-inch cylinder reeving system with electric winch cable pull-back, diamond aluminum rear fenders, and plastic or diamond-plate aluminum front fenders.


Galbreath Inc., Winamac, Ind., manufactures models AC, AC2, A5 and ALC roll-off trailers. The AC, AC2 and ALC models have gross vehicle weights (GVWs) of 80,000 pounds. The AC2 moves two containers in one trip, according to the company. The A5 is available in outside rail, inside/outside rail, extendable tail and deadlift styles, and the ALC can carry up to a 36-foot container. Galbreath has introduced the SS-OR-174, offering a 10-inch main frame and 7-inch interchangeable winch/lift cylinders. No subframe is needed, the company says. Galbreath also manufactures four models of roll-off containers.


Galfab Inc., Winamac, Ind., offers extendable tail, outside rail, deadlift and inside/outside roll-off hoists. The EX series of extendable tail roll-offs have a rated capacity of 60,000 pounds. Six models are available, ranging from 46 degree to 48 degree dump angles, and weighing between 8,000 pounds and 9,775 pounds. The OR series outside rail roll-offs come in eight models ranging from 60,000 pounds to 75,000 pounds. The deadlift roll-off series is available in three models, all with replaceable side roller shafts, a 47 degree dump angle, a 50-gallon reservoir and 50,000-pound capacities. The models weigh between 7,500 pounds and 8,500 pounds. The IO series inside/outside rail roll-offs are available in 10 models with between 60,000-pound and 75,000-pound capacities, all with a 47 degree dump angle. Standard features for the EX, OR and IO series include a 52-gallon reservoir, full-width side roller bearings, an in-tank oil filter and a direct-mount hydraulic pump.

Hook-All Hooklifts

Hook-All Hooklifts, Trenton, N.J., manufactures hooklifts for single-axle chassis from 15,000 to 33,000 GVWs. Hoists are available in three capacities — 10,000 pounds, 15,000 pounds and 20,000 pounds, with 36-inch and 54-inch hook heights. Features include single-point rotation and low-pressure hydraulics of 2,400 psi. According to the company, bodies can be changed in minutes and can be switched between multiple bodies such as a dump body, flatbed or standard container.


K-PAC, a division of Krause Corp., Hutchinson, Kan., offers outside rail extendable tail, inside/outside rail extendable tail, inside/outside rail and outside rail roll-off hoists. Standard features of all hoists include recessed sealed beam lights in the bumper; end castings on the rear roller; hardened steel inside rollers; pins and sheave pins; and a one-piece fender. All models also have a rated capacity of 60,000 pounds, container lengths from 18 feet to 22 feet, a hydraulic pump with a pump capacity of 35 gpm running at 1,500 rpm and an operating pressure of 1,850 psi. Optional equipment on all models includes a drop-center cylinder mounting shaft and a remote-mount hydraulic pump.


Marathon Equipment Co., Vernon, Ala., offers a 60,000-pound roll-off hoist, and model ME-66, a 66,000-pound roll-off hoist. Features of the 60,000-pound hoist include interchangeable reeving and lift cylinders, bolt-on side rollers, ramp-type container guides and a heavy duty 2½-inch hinge. Features of the ME-66 include interchangeable reeving and lift cylinders; bronze bushings on sheaves, rollers and hinge points; forged, interchangeable sheaves; poly or steel fenders; front container locks with no springs or pins; forward-mounted cylinders for installation of a third axle; support strips/container guides; a heavy duty rear hinge; and an automatic fold-up bumper. Marathon also offers the MEH20 hooklift hoist that can accommodate a 14-foot to 16-foot container weighing up to 20,000 pounds.


Marrel Corp., Hendersonville, Tenn., offers the Ampliroll 160/1700, AL 90 and 140 models of hooklift systems. All models operate the same — after backing the truck toward the container or platform, the operator switches on the power take off, lowers the hydraulic arm and engages the container or platform with the hook while inside the cab. The operator then activates the two main cylinders, which pull the container onto the chassis and lock it into position, and turns off the power take-off and drives away. All models take less than a minute from the time the operator shifts the truck into reverse and allow the operator to approach from any angle within a 60-degree arc, according to the company. Models can act as roll-offs, flatbed trucks, dump trucks, liquid transporters and recyclers.

McClain E-Z Pack

The Magna-Hoist roll-off tilt frame from McClain E-Z Pack, Galion, Ohio, offers two models with lift capacities of 60,000 pounds and 75,000 pounds that can handle skid lengths of up to 24 feet. Features include a reeving system and greased bronze bearings in side rollers, sheaves, rear rollers and main tilt-frame pivots. Cylinders and sheaves are interchangeable. Pump capacity is 30 gpm at 1,200 rpm, and normal operating pressure is 2,100 psi. Both models have a dumping angle of 50 degrees and a 60-gallon oil reservoir tank.


McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing Co., Dodge Center, Minn., offers the rigid tail hoist with a 50,000-pound capacity, extendable tail hoist with a 60,000-pound capacity and vertical lift roll-off hoist with an 80,000-pound capacity. Features include inside air/outside pneumatic controls, a retractable bumper, interchangeable hydraulic cylinders, heavy duty upper lift cylinder mounts, ¼-inch formed roller guides, five interchangeable 11-inch cast steel sheaves with aluminum bronze bushings, four interchangeable 6¼-inch bore double-acting hoist and lift cylinders, and a 2½-inch rear pivot pin with heavy duty ⅝-inch hinge plates.

Nedland Industries

Nedland Industries Inc., Ridgeland, Wis., manufactures open-top roll-off containers ranging from 6.5 cubic yards to 80 cubic yards and in lengths from 10 feet to 40 feet. All roll-off containers are made from steel plate and structural steel channel and tubing. All parts have grease fittings.

Rudco Products

Rudco Products Inc., Vineland, N.J., offers inside/outside rail and outside rail roll-off hoists in 60,000-pound and 75,000-pound capacities. Both are available in tandem or tri-axle systems. Single-stage interchangeable cylinders are available for both models. Features of both models include a 4-inch sub-frame, ¼-inch wear strips, outside controls and a rear cable hook.


Specialized Industrial Concepts (SIC) Inc., Ronkonkoma, N.Y., offers the AJ-4C Hauler roll-off system with a 16,000-pound capacity and a dumping angle of at least 50 degrees, according to the company. The system also has a 72-inch extendable stinger with a large pavement roller. The stinger rides on nylatron wear plates designed to prevent steel-on-steel contact.

Stellar Industries

Stellar Industries Inc., Garner, Iowa, has introduced the Stellar Shuttle model 108-11-20/36 hooklift loader, allowing operators using a 36-inch-high hooklift to move up to a 20,000-pound capacity hooklift without having to change hook height on existing containers or bodies, the company says. The loader is designed to match existing 8,000-, 12,000- and 16,000-pound Stellar Shuttle hooklift loaders.

The 108-11-20/36 can interchange 11-foot-long to 13-foot-long container and flatbed bodies up to 16 feet long, the company says. The loader is designed to fit a chassis with a cab-to-axle measurement between 102 inches and 108 inches with a maximum frame height of 39 inches, and uses permanently lubricated bushings and stainless steel pins throughout the hooklift.

Wastequip Accurate

Roll-off hoists from Wastequip Accurate Inc., Erial, N.J., include inside/outside rail and outside rail models for 60,000- pound and 75,000-pound hoists, as well as for 30,000-pound outside rail extendable tail and deadlift models. Standard features for all models include auto-fold/pin-up ICC bumpers; ½-inch-thick cylinder covers; interchangeable rollers, cylinders, sheaves and fenders; 2½-inch main-frame pivot pins; a container locking system; hold-down straps; 2-inch by 4½-inch by 12-inch XHD container hooks; and one-piece cast steel upper cylinder mounts. The company also manufactures custom extendable-tail hoists and a trailer hoist line.

Wastequip/Holt Specialty Equipment

Wastequip/Holt Specialty Equipment Inc., Eagleville, Tenn., offers the Trailhoist line of roll-off equipment. The line includes the bumper hitch Trailhoist, the Gooseneck Trailhoist, the 8,000-pound Truckhoist and the 20,000-pound Truckhoist. All equipment carries 10-yard and 15-yard open-top bathtub, recycle and security containers, and flatbed equipment decks. The 20,000-pound Truckhoist can carry a 20-yard bathtub container. Trailers have a 3.5-ton payload capacity and require at least a ¾-ton truck to pull the width. The 8,000-pound Truckhoist has a 4-ton payload capacity and requires at least a 1-ton truck for mounting. The 20,000-pound Truckhoist has a 7-ton payload capacity and requires between a 20,000 GVW and a 26,000 GVW for mounting. New to the line is the Trailhoist truck mini hooklift system, available in 9,000, 13,000 and 20,000 pounds.

Danielle Onorato is a Waste Age Assistant Editor. For more information about roll-offs and hoists, visit www.wasteage.com.

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