Bundling Buys

November 1, 2001

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Bundling Buys

Danielle Jackson

Balers and compactors are prevalent in many types of businesses, whether they are placed in a clothing store to bale cardboard boxes or in a materials recovery facility (MRF) to process pallets and paper. Below is a listing of some of the latest available baling and compacting equipment.

Allegheny Paper Shredders

Allegheny Paper Shredders Corp., Delmont, Pa., has introduced a line of horizontal closed-end balers for baling shredded materials such as paper, plastic and trim, as well as corrugated boxes and other waste materials. Three models are available, ranging from 175 pounds to 1,500 pounds. All Allegheny balers come standard with automatic ram cycling, hopper extensions, shear blades, hydraulic door latches and bale-eject slide conveyors.
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American Baler

American Baler Co., Bellevue, Ohio, manufactures the T-Rex custom baler featuring an 80-inch by 70-inch hopper that accepts materials such as newspaper, old corrugated containers (OCC), paper, aluminum and plastics. A pre-press ram is designed to increase incoming waste compression and eliminates binding and stalling, according to the company. A custom 12-inch-diameter hydraulic cylinder presses two rams against the waste to deliver more than 339,000 pounds of compression force, the company says. OCC bales can weigh up to 3,500 pounds.
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American Compactor

American Compactor Inc. (ACI), Mansfield, Ohio, offers Smash It, a pneumatic drum compactor for hazardous, semi-solid and wet waste material. Smash It creates up to 3,400 pounds of pressure on waste material and uses up to 120 pounds per square inch (psi) of air pressure, the company says. Safety features include a two-hand, no-tie-down actuator. Options include alternative sizes of ram plates, wheels and wet baskets for extracting wet fluids from absorbent materials. The compactor is 24 inches deep, 29 inches wide and 76 inches high, and has a 6-inch-diameter cylinder with a 27-inch stroke.
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Consolidated Baling Machine

Consolidated Baling Machine Co. Inc., Jacksonville, Fla., manufactures hydraulic baling presses such as downstroke verticals, two-ram balers, double- and single-chamber balers, compactors, drum crushers/packers and pallet presses for the solid waste industry.
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Cram-A-Lot/J.V. Manufacturing, Springdale, Ark., offers Cram-A-Lot vertical balers and compactors for the solid waste industry. Vertical balers are available in seven sizes with bale weights ranging from 750 pounds to 1,400 pounds. Features include tamper-resistant safety switches for automatic shutdown, bale dump mechanism and optional front-wire feed guides. Self-contained compactors feature single one-piece slides and floor. Units vary in capacity from 15 cubic yards to 38 cubic yards and feature poppit valve cylinders designed to eliminate pressure shifting and reduce cylinder wear, according to the company.
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Excel Manufacturing

The Signature Series wide box, high-production, two-ram baler from Excel Manufacturing Inc., St. Charles, Minn., is designed for recyclable materials such as fiber, non-ferrous materials and solid waste. The Signature Series runs best without an operator, according to the company, by constantly measuring ram position, calculating the bale size as it is being made and pre-metering the material flow into the compression chamber. The baler can produce up to 24 tons per hour (tph) of OCC and up to 40 tph of newspaper, the company says. Options include an 11-inch or 12-inch main cylinder complimented with a 150-horsepower (hp) or 300-hp unit.
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Granutech-Saturn Systems

The MAC Model 5200 baler from Granutech-Saturn Systems Corp., Grand Prairie, Texas, is used to bale both ferrous and non-ferrous materials including loose steel sheet, clips and trim stock metals. The unit can bale material up to 16 square inches at rates of 55 to 60 bales per hour with an average bale density of 165 pounds per cubic feet, according to the company. The MAC Model 5200 offers both semi- and fully automatic operating modes, with mobile models available. Features include an abrasion-resistant, steel wear plate to protect surfaces that come in contact with moving plates, and stress-relieved, box-type steel weldments for each of the two rams, the company says.
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Harmony Enterprises

Harmony Enterprises Inc., Harmony, Minn., offers several vertical balers, an automatic baling system and outside compactors for the solid waste industry. The company's vertical balers include the V72HS and S60XD high-production balers. The V72HS is 40 inches long, 72 inches wide and up to 39 inches high, weighs up to 1,100 pounds, has 98,125 pounds of ram pressure, runs on a 20-hp motor and has a 24-second cycle time. The S60HD is 30 inches long, 60 inches wide and 51 inches high, weighs up to 1,200 pounds, has 92,360 pounds of ram pressure, runs on a 20-hp motor and has a 56-second cycle time. Options of the System Ten-Sixty automatic baling system include an oil reservoir heater, keylock controls, a pit feed conveyor, mast-mounted indicator light and wire guides. Outside compactors include the C75SC with a 48-inch by 32-inch charge opening, twin hydraulic cylinders, 25,000 pounds of platen force, 40-second cycle time, 2-hp motor, 5-gallons per minute (gpm) pump and shipping weight of 7,560 pounds. The compactor has a 48.5-inch loading height and an overall height of 8 feet, 8 inches.
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The Harris Waste Management Group Inc., Peachtree City, Ga., offers a line of balers and compaction equipment for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Smaller balers include the V3.5C vertical baler, and larger balers include the TG-6034 ferrous baler, which can deliver as much as 2-ton bale weights, according to the company.
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International Baler

The Expando hinge-side hopper baler from International Baler Corp., Jacksonville, Fla., is designed to be used on multiple materials. The Expando has an expanded feed opening of up to 54 inches by 72 inches. The articulated sidewall opens to more than 50 inches and produces a 30-inch-wide bale, the company says. Features include a heavy duty lid assembly, which provides a pre-compression charge. The company also offers hydraulic baling processes including materials recovery facilities (MRFs), vertical downstroke balers, horizontal auto-tie balers, two-ram balers and drum crushers.
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Lely Tempustech

Lely Tempustech, Naples, Fla., offers the Welger RV641/642 Waste Roller designed to bale paper, cardboard and plastic. The automatic baler is mobile so that it can be moved to where solid waste is generated. The unit maintains continuous pressure on the bale when the unit is not in operation, the company says. Lely Tempustech also has introduced the SB series of fully automatic horizontal baling systems available in three models with several customized configurations and options.
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Logemann Brothers

Logemann Brothers Co., Milwaukee, manufactures the AT series of hydraulically operated balers for materials such as fiber, plastic, cans, municipal solid waste (MSW), cardboard, aluminum, white goods and tires. All nine models feature automatic, semi-automatic or manual operation; a programmable logic controller (PLC) self-diagnostic system to detect and visually display operating problems; a shearing knife designed to allow shearing to occur before compression; and a large-diameter ejector ram featuring vertical yoke design with long guide extensions to prevent twisting and bypassing of material behind the ram. Options include optional right- or left-hand bale ejection, and either a bale gate or a horizontally operating bale gate with a third platen in the compression chamber, which retracts automatically to enlarge chamber size. Baler models range from 30 hp to 400 hp, and weigh between 30,000 pounds and 132,000 pounds. For solid waste operations, balers can process between 15 tph and 81 tph, with bale weights from 1,200 pounds to 3,600 pounds, the company says.
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Marathon Equipment Co., Vernon, Ala., manufactures the BlokPak 3000 and RamJet stationary compactors. The BlokPak transfer system compacts waste against a gate in the compaction chamber to form 10-foot logs. The logs then are ejected into a transfer trailer. Waste can continue to be processed without changing trailers, according to the company. Features of the new RamJet include Allen-Bradley motor starters, totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motors and quick-release motors. The company also manufactures the StockRoom baler, a self-contained vertical baler built on casters, and the Gemini-Xtreme twin-cylinder horizontal baler with a conveyor designed to handle a variety of materials.
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Maren Engineering

Maren Engineering Corp., South Holland, Ill., manufactures open-end and closed-end balers for the waste industry. Open-end models include the 60/72 standard horizontal baler; 423 automatic baler, which produces bales 42 inches long by 30 inches wide by 30 inches high; and 122 high-density baler, which is designed for chipboard, box board, folding cartons, and waxed or coated materials. Closed-end balers include the 72 O.E. series, 203 series of automatic continuous balers, 111 open-end baler, and 14 and 14-S automatic wood-shaving and sawdust balers.
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McClain EZ-Pack

McClain EZ-Pack Inc., Galion, Ohio, offers several baler product lines for the waste industry: the EX-2000 series, which has a 72-inch by 44-inch feed opening; the E-11HD-PE vertical downstroke series; and the 60-inch heavy duty AP-60HD series.
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McDonald Services

McDonald Services Inc., Charlotte, N.C., offers the AT 643-T6-5 baler with auto tie, featuring two 6-inch cylinders and dual 460-hp motors. The company also manufactures vertical, horizontal and two-ram balers. Vertical balers include models 420NF, 4830IHD, 6030HD, 6030T6 and 7230IHD, all with 28-second cycle times and 15-hp motors except for the 20-hp 6030T6. Total ram thrust varies from 29.7 tons to 70.6 tons, and bale weights ranging from 200 pounds to 1,430 pounds. Horizontal balers include the 330, 430 and 530; 440, 540 and 640; and 443, 543 and 643 models. Capacities range between 6 tph and 14 tph, with motors varying from 20 hp to 40 hp. All have cycle times between 12 and 30 seconds and typical bale weights between 900 pounds and 1,700 pounds. Two-ram balers include the 2R64T7, 2R74T8 and 2R84T8, 2R75T8 and 2R85T8, 2R95T8 and 2R15T8, and 2R94T8 and 2R15T6 models. Capacities vary up to 35 tph, with motors ranging from 50 hp to 2,100 hp and cycle times ranging from 12 seconds to 30 seconds. Typical bale weight varies from 900 pounds to 2,500 pounds for all models.
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RPP America Marketing

RPP America Marketing, Newport Beach, Calif., has introduced the mega baler. The baler is 6 feet, 10 inches high and 6 feet, 10 inches wide, and can produce a five-ton to six-ton round bale compressed from 25 yards to 30 yards of material in less than three minutes, according to the company. The baler can produce up to 800 tons of wrapped baled material per shift, the company says.
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SP Industries

SP Industries Inc., Hopkins, Mich., offers commercial, industrial and transfer station compactors. Capacities range from ⅓ cubic yards to 13 cubic yards, and models range from apartment compactors and self-contained compactors/containers to heavy-production transfer station models and pre-crusher/compactors.
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SSI Compaction Systems, a unit of SSI Shredding Systems Inc., Wilsonville, Ore., offers a 27-ton transfer station compactor with a pre-load system that forms density bales to pre-determined weights independent of the transport vehicle, according to the company. Transfer of the compacted bale to the trailer or container is less than 3 minutes, the company says. SSI manufactures transfer station pre-load compaction systems with payloads between 10 tons and 45 tons at throughput rates between 35 tph and 140 tph.
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Sebright Products

Sebright Products, Hopkins, Mich., manufactures, designs, installs, services, sells, rents and maintains compactors ranging from ⅓-cubic-yard stationary units to 13-cubic-yard transfer machines. The company also manufactures hydraulic cart dumpers as well as depackaging, dewatering and sludge-handling systems.
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Wastequip Accurate

Wastequip Accurate Industries, Erial, N.J., manufactures the D-600 and D-800 Accu-Pak vertical compactors. Accu-Pack compactors have 28,300 psi of force, 2,250 psi of pressure and 48-inch by 27.5-inch door openings. The D-600 and D-800 compactors also each have a 20-second cycle time, 5-hp motor, 4.3-gallon per minute vane pump and 7-gallon reservoir. Wastequip Accurate also manufactures the 6030HD and 6030XHD models of 60-inch vertical balers, featuring a non-limit switch design, heavy duty replaceable nylon ram guides, auto-disengage ejector, auto-open feed door and side-mount power unit.
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Van Dyk/Bollegraaf

Van Dyk Baler Corp./Bollegraaf, Stamford, Conn., offers the Bollegraaf HBC 80 fully automatic baler. The HBC 80 is 35 feet long, 6 feet wide and 20 feet high, and can process up to 15 tph of OCC and up to 30 tph of newspaper. The HBC 80 features Hunger hydraulics, which are designed to allow the baler to function without an operator. The pre-press flap is designed to produce compacted homogenous bales without shearing, eliminating the need to replace shear blades and floors, according to the company.
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