Broadside Enterprises and DeliverZero Partner to Tackle Food Delivery Waste

June 20, 2024

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LOS ANGELES-- Broadside Enterprises, Inc. (OTC: BRSE), a leading innovator in the digital restaurant space and provider of gourmet meals on demand, today announced a groundbreaking partnership with DeliverZero, a New York-based reusable takeout container service. This collaboration aims to significantly reduce single-use container waste generated by the takeout and delivery industry which sees an estimated 561 billion disposable food containers discarded annually in the US alone.

DeliverZero's reusable containers offer a practical and sustainable alternative, allowing Broadside's digital restaurants to reduce waste associated with takeout and delivery. The convenient return system for customers further simplifies the transition to a more environmentally conscious approach.

"We're thrilled to partner with DeliverZero," said Alan Moore, CEO of Broadside. "Our goal is to leverage our combined expertise to significantly reduce takeout waste in our business. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to building a more sustainable future for the food delivery industry."

With over 1 million delivery orders completed on its digital restaurant platform in Southern California, Broadside is well-positioned to drive change in the digital restaurant landscape. The partnership with DeliverZero is a critical step towards minimizing single-use packaging and promoting a circular economy.

"Delivery is a convenience that shouldn't come at the expense of our planet," added Moore. "By aligning our digital restaurants, delivery partners, and valued customers in this pursuit of a greener future, we can make a real difference together."

"Partnering with restaurant brands that value reuse is crucial to our mission to reduce takeout waste," says Lauren Sweeney, DeliverZero CEO. "Our system allows customers to easily opt for reusable packaging, which is more climate-friendly than single-use options. However, our mission relies on restaurants choosing to offer these reusable options. Through our collaboration with Broadside, customers will soon have many more restaurants to choose from that provide reusable packaging."

About Broadside Enterprises, Inc.:

Broadside Enterprises, Inc. (OTC: BRSE) is a publicly traded company at the forefront of the next generation digital hospitality industry. Learn more at and 

About DeliverZero:

DeliverZero is a reusable packaging solution designed to eliminate waste from takeout and food delivery. Their network of reusable containers makes it simple for restaurants, delivery platforms, and point-of-sale systems to offer takeout and delivery in eco-friendly containers that can be returned to any participating location within their network. Learn more at

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