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Afresh Adds Inventory Management Solution

Article-Afresh Adds Inventory Management Solution

Afresh Technologies afresh technologies

SAN FRANCISCO/ -- Afresh Technologies, the world's leading fresh food technology company, has announced the launch of its inventory management solution. The Afresh platform transforms ordering and inventory management across grocers' fresh departments with intelligent and connected solutions purpose-built for the complexities of fresh food. Afresh inventory management minimizes the time and cost of taking ending inventory for customers like Fresh Thyme and Heinen's, delivering accurate financials while pairing seamlessly with Afresh store ordering to save teams time and drive higher profits.

"For grocers today, maintaining inventory accuracy can be even more challenging than predicting demand because of factors like perishability," said Matt Schwartz, CEO and co-founder of Afresh. "Our fresh-first inventory management solution drives unparalleled inventory accuracy in fresh departments with minimal labor. This powers better orders, fresher food, lower shrink, and more effective e-commerce operations."

Ending inventory is a business-critical step to ensure correct financials around shrink and store performance. Still, it's a costly and labor-intensive process that involves taking a count of every item outside of store hours, traditionally using a scanner and paper inventory guide.

With Afresh, teams save time and increase accuracy using intelligent apps that allow multiple users to take inventory simultaneously and alert users in real time of suspected errors. Corporate teams also gain access to a web portal to review automatically-generated, store-specific inventory guides and validate ending inventory results. Additionally, customers have seen an average of 31% time savings on their next order after taking ending inventory.

Regional grocery chain Heinen's is currently utilizing Afresh inventory management alongside store ordering and seeing significant results. "Because it's so intuitive, our associates didn't fight change, and they recognized the benefits of the shrink and the labor efficiencies. The training time to bring them up and running was unbelievably short," said Rick Fink, VP of Supply Chain.

About Afresh
Afresh is the world's leading fresh technology company, creating comprehensive and intelligent AI-powered solutions that are revolutionizing grocery's fresh food supply chain. Afresh is changing the game by helping grocers make smarter, built-for-fresh decisions, and improving grocers' bottom lines while reducing food waste on the retail floor. Founded in 2017 with the mission to eliminate food waste and make fresh food accessible to all, Afresh is proudly serving national and regional grocery brands across the US. Today, Afresh has announced partnerships with grocers in more than 3,000 stores and 40 states, including Albertsons, Heinen's, Bashas, Cub Foods, and more. Learn more at www.afresh.com.

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