How ADT Security saves 53% on Waste Costs Annually with Compology

June 24, 2020

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With COVID-19 causing volatile fluctuations in commercial waste, the industry has seen a monumental shift in the way business is done: from more dynamic routing to safety and policy changes to remote work and management of waste and recycling streams across the country.

Fortune 1000 company ADT Security continues to show its resilience and innovation.

With over 20,000 employees at 200 locations across the United States earning $6 billion in revenue, Fortune 1000 company ADT needs the right technology to stay in the forefront of efficiency and customer service. By partnering with Compology, ADT is continuing to meet ESG, environmental stewardship, and carbon neutrality goals through remote waste monitoring.

“Sustainability matters to us because we want to be able to reduce our environmental footprint in the area and do our part to contribute to reducing our footprint. It’s been an evolution on our part to make sure that we're properly handling all of our waste and recycling streams,” says David Brightly, Director of EHS at ADT. Dave oversees all of ADT’s waste and recycling practices with the help of their waste services provider New Market Waste and technology partner Compology.

Compology provides rugged dumpster cameras and artificial intelligence-powered software that provides data on dumpster fullness, service verification, and contamination. This gives ADT and New Market Waste the insights and data they need to rightsize their service and change behavior across ADT’s branches and locations.

And ADT has seen some major results. By implementing remote monitoring on 69 containers, ADT has already saved 53% on monthly waste spend, totalling $110,000 annually, and they expect these savings to only grow as they implement Compology across all of their locations. 

ADT has also eliminated 260 pickups per month, reduced 130 hours of trucks on the road, as well as vehicle miles traveled by 6,7000 per year to lower carbon emissions by 15 metric tons. With these results, ADT is paving the way for other Fortune 1000 companies to boost efficiency and sustainability goals.

“Compology has aided us most by making us smart about how we look at our waste. It's easy to say, ‘Okay, we're going to have five trash pickups a week, but do you really need that? When did the technicians bring back their waste? Or do we have heavier days? What about seasonality?” says David. “Compology figures that out for us so that we don't have to.”

The proof is in the picture. For example, in Houston, Compology’s technology identified and photographed two 8-yard dumpsters filled with both cardboard and trash, not separating the valuable cardboard material. This verifiable picture evidence allowed the ADT team to reach out to their hauler and ensure stickers were corrected and replaced.

With the help of New Market Waste, ADT continues to focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship, and its recycling programs have one of the biggest impacts to reducing its carbon footprint. With Compology, it’s even more directly achieving its carbon neutrality goals, which also drives value to shareholders. The implementation, David noted, has been simple, seamless, and extremely beneficial.

“A lot of us have kids. I've got kids, and we are what we protect. And focusing on reducing our carbon footprint makes it better for our children and our children's children, and it's the right thing to do,” David says.

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