Goodyear Tire Management Helps Protect Your Tire Investment

You’ve made an investment in your fleet’s tires, so you want to be sure you get the most for your money.

September 1, 2023

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Goodyear Tire Management helps you be proactive with your tire maintenance to help your tires last longer and to help anticipate problems before they take your vehicles off the road.

According to a study published by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration*:

  • TIRE PRESSURE is often the root cause of most tire maintenance issues

  • More than 50% OF BREAKDOWNS on the road are tire-related

  • Of those breakdowns, over 85% are the result of IMPROPER PRESSURE MAINTENANCE



Goodyear Tire Management helps identify potential tire issues before they happen. Tire monitoring tools capture tire information, help predict potential issues with data-driven analytics and can prompt service before breakdowns occur. 

Primary Benefits of Goodyear Tire Management  

  • Reduced breakdowns

  • Reduced labor costs

  • Increased tread, tire and casing life

  • Increased fuel efficiency 

The Three Steps of Goodyear Tire Management 

Goodyear Tire Management monitors tires in numerous ways, depending on what works best for each fleet. All your fleet’s data is analyzed for insights to catch potential issues before they occur. With different levels of warnings, given a potential issue’s severity, service prompts are then generated and delivered. That means from Monitoring to Insights to Service, Goodyear Tire Management is an ongoing process that helps keep your tires working for your fleet.


1. Monitoring

Our suite of tools and technologies captures important tire data, including tread depth, air pressure, temperature and other tire health information.  

Goodyear Tire Monitoring Tools

Tire Management is designed to meet the specific needs of individual fleets. Goodyear works with each fleet to provide the data collection tools that best match their operation and vehicles.


Goodyear Tire Optix

The Goodyear Tire Optix digital inspection toolset helps make the tire inspection process more efficient and accurate. With Tire Optix, you can monitor your vehicles’ tire pressure, tread depth and mileage one vehicle at a time, or efficiently complete an entire yard check before trucks go back on the road. Regular inspections provide a wealth of information about your fleet to help you make better tire decisions and confidently stay ahead of issues.

>>>>Tire Optix has been used to check the condition of two million tires in an average year, 16% of which are found to need service. Of those needing service, 85% have air pressure issues, 7% have tread depth issues; 10% of the issues are related to mechanical wear. 

Goodyear CheckPoint

CheckPoint provides automated inspections of tire pressure and tread depth. The truck drives over a reader that captures tire pressure, tread depth and axle load automatically so that the data is immediately available for the fleet to review (see images above). It is best suited for large fleets and heavier vehicles found in waste haul, construction, bulk transport and food & beverage fleets. CheckPoint enables a large number of vehicles to get inspected, with virtually no additional labor, while providing a snapshot of frequently updated tire health data. 


Goodyear TPMS Plus

TPMS Plus is a connected, active tire monitoring system that goes beyond the benefits of traditional TPMS monitoring.

Sensors on the tires are connected to the vehicle’s telematics device to measure and collect tire pressure, temperature and the truck’s GPS location. Sensors can either be wheel-mounted (inside mount) or mounted to the valve cap stem (outside mount). Using unique, proprietary algorithms, TPMS Plus helps identify critical issues, inflation trends and much more.

 Jeremy Laskos, group manager, intermodal maintenance at Norfolk Southern Corp., says that understanding tire inflation alone is not the key to successful tire management. “Tire pressure monitoring is how we get real-time notification. It is how you manage the business going forward.” He also believes that Goodyear’s TPMS Plus should be able to help drivers as well. Given the driver shortage, anything a fleet can do to help its drivers — especially something that helps a driver keep the truck on the road — is going to be a great recruiting and retention tool. 

2. Insights 

Tire Management insights can shape the data collected from monitoring and turn it into actionable results. This helps fleets make smarter decisions for their tire program by knowing which tires to service and when. 

Data collected from all three tools gets sent to Goodyear Fleet Central and gives you access to all of your fleet tire insights in one convenient portal.

Robust reporting is available on Goodyear Fleet Central.  Get an overview of your entire fleet with detailed insights on your tires.  Real-Time alerts can be configured to come to your desktop or mobile device for management, service personnel and even drivers. 

Every fleet has different needs, so tire Insights are customizable to your fleet’s specifications. Goodyear takes the complexity out of tire management by targeting actionable events so you can focus on managing your fleet.    


3. Service 

One of the most important parts of tire management is how you react to the data. Whether you need scheduled or emergency service, Goodyear has you covered.  Plus, Goodyear Fleet HQ® can help coordinate service with our robust network of service providers. 

Single point of contact for emergency, scheduled or preventive services that can help your fleet save money 

Coast-to-coast coverage with 2,300+ dealer network locations nationwide 

Reliable roadside assistance can get you rolling quickly 

Take Action Your Way with Goodyear Fleet Central 

With Fleet Central, fleets have comprehensive capabilities to manage all aspects of their tire program, including tire orders, service, retreading and more. This modern, online toolset allows users to easily manage every Goodyear interaction and oversee every detail without ever picking up the phone. 

Goodyear TIRE MANAGEMENT is a part of Goodyear TOTAL MOBILITY™  

Goodyear helps fleets stay ahead of issues, reduce downtime and minimize costs so your fleet can achieve Total Mobility.  

Learn more about how Goodyear Tire Management can help your fleet.  

Email [email protected] to set up a free consultation or go to  


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