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6 JAN 2007 - Guiyu, Guangdong, China -Discarded "mother boards" from old computers wait to be processed and stripped of the metal they contain at a junk yard in Guiyu. Much of modern electronic equipment contains toxic ingredients and as much as 4,000 tonnes of toxic e-waste is discarded every hour. Vast amounts are routinely and often illegally shipped as waste from Europe, USA and Japan to countries in Asia as it is easier and cheaper to dump the problem on poorer countries with lower environmental standards. Workers involved in dismantling e-waste are exposed to serious, environmental problems, danger and health hazards.© Natalie Behring/GreenpeaceEDITORIAL USE ONLY. NO ARCHIVING. NO RESALE. NO AFTER MARKET OR THIRD PARTY SALES. OK FOR ONLINE REPRO.

Sims Recycling Assists in E-Waste Recycling Certification in Latin America

The R2 standard is a worker health and safety standard for the electronics refurbishing and recycling industry.

Sims Recycling Solutions, has partnered with Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI), DirectTV and Green Eye Partners to assist three electronics recycling sites in Latin America in preparing for R2 certification audits. Sims Recycling Solutions specifically helped with language translations and internal audits of recycling facilities in preparation for their R2 certification.

The R2 standard is a worker health and safety standard for the electronics refurbishing and recycling industry.

"Assisting in the implementation of the R2 certification at these three facilities is very significant, as it is another step forward in expanding and promoting responsible reuse and recycling around the world," Sims President Steve Skurnac said in a statement. "As an R2 Leader, we hope to lead by example to promote sustainability and responsible IT asset disposition in all geographies."

This leadership project has helped educate and support the R2 standard in Latin America. For these sites located in Chile, Ecuador and Colombia, the process of becoming R2 certified required dedication and commitment, but in the long-term will provide increased opportunities.

Sims Recycling Solutions achieved the R2 certification at their sites in Australia (Sydney); India (Chennai); Singapore; United Arab Emirates (Dubai); United States (Chicago, Nashville, Sacramento, Tampa and Tucson) and in the United Kingdom (Stalybridge). Last year Sims Recycling Solutions' facility operating in the United Arab Emirates earned the distinction of being the first R2 certified facility in the Middle East.

For a full list of certifications and standards please visit our website. More information on the R2 Leaders program can be found at

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