Henry Rosen, the founder of GLR Advanced Recycling, began his career in Detroit in 1927 by collecting paper, cardboard and rags to sell to recyclers. Eventually, the business grew and Rosen added scrap metal collection to his service offerings. Now, the company operates nine locations and joint ventures in both Michigan and New York.

The company has continued to grow over the years, even while battling the drop in oil prices and commodities prices. Its newest creative venture is www.thescrappost.com, which is basically the “Craigslist for the scrap industry,” according to GLR employee Michael Bassirpour.

Detroit Jewish News has more details:

Many of Detroit’s Jewish families share a similar story of humble beginnings in America.

Someone arrived with nothing, maybe just the change in his pocket, worked hard, fell in love, had kids and laid the foundation for the success of the next generation.
The story is perhaps a cliche, but it was the common struggle for so many fleeing immigrants to thrive or even just survive in the land of opportunity.

But as the details are lost in the gloss of retelling a good story, it’s almost easy to forget just how hard it was for a Jew to make it in America at the turn of the 20th century.

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