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The Heap

Check this Steve Jobs Portrait Made of e-Waste

Collage artist Jason Mecier has reproduced the iconic 2006 portrait of Steve Jobs using 20 pounds of e-waste.

The collage is made from discarded gadgets of all types. As the Web site TheBoldItalic.com described it, “Look closely and you can see bits of cell phones, iPods, headphones, Macintosh keyboards, CD-Rs, batteries, mice, memory sticks, and other upcycled trash from Apple.”

Mecier spent 40 hours putting the collage together.

Recode.net wrote of the portrait, “Mecier ‘painted’ Jobs’s jawline with parts of an iPhone, his brow with batteries, his ear with Ethernet cables and a very small peace sign. He sculpted the head with a green arc of circuit boards. Jobs’s face and body are a melee of computer detritus against a backdrop composed in shades of off-white—a charger cord is coiled as though still in the box.”

Mecier’s no stranger to using found materials to create celebrity collages and themed pieces. His series of “Celebrity Junkdrawers” consists of portraits he’s made using junk that celebrities themselves sent him. Another series consists of portraits made from food. 

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