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Nathan Frischkorn of Waste Pro Talks Dedication in the Waste Industry

Hard work and dedication are the two rudimentary aspects of working in the waste industry. With these two characteristics, your work can take you wherever you want to be. Nathan Frischkorn is a prime example of this.

Hard work and dedication are the two rudimentary aspects of working in the waste industry. With these two characteristics, your work can take you wherever you want to be. Nathan Frischkorn is a prime example of this.

Frischkorn, a 40 Under 40 award winner, has worked in the waste industry since he was fifteen. With a dedication to the company he started working with, Waste Pro, and a whole lot of hard work, he has slowly climbed the ladder of the company and has loved each step of the way.

In this Q&A, Frischkorn fills Waste360 in on all of his favorite things about working in this industry and just how important it is to remain devoted to your work.

Waste360 Staff: Can you tell me how you got started working with Waste Pro?

Frischkorn: When I was 15, the local division manager was running the company’s truck refurbishing crew, who would travel on weekends to acquisition locations, and repair and repaint trucks to Waste Pro’s standards.

I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in one of those trips. I fell in love with Waste Pro and was offered a job working as a helper.

At the time my high school had a workers program, which allowed me to work for the company while continuing my high school education. 

Waste360 Staff: What positions have you held leading to where you are now?

Frischkorn: I worked as a helper on the back of the truck and on the refurbishing crew until I turned 18, and then was eligible to get my CDL to become a driver. I worked as a driver for several years learning the operational side of the business, including residential, recycling, front-load, and roll-off.

I helped with everything I could; taking in as much information as possible. After I felt like I had a good grasp on the operations, I transitioned to the maintenance side of the business.

I worked as a PM tech for a year before I was offered a position as a supervisor. I helped oversee the contract start-up for a large municipality where we hired 90% of the previous hauler’s employees and immediately changed the way the residents thought about their garbage service; from a negative to a positive.

After almost two years. I was offered a chance to run my own division as the Division Manager in Gainesville, Florida, where I currently have been for the last four years. 

Waste360 Staff: What is your current position and what are you in charge of?

Frischkorn: Currently, I am a division manager. I am in charge of everything that goes on in my division. I do hiring, payroll, discipline, contracts, and help with municipal and customer relations.

More importantly, I am a helping hand to all aspects of my division. I drive trucks when needed, and sometimes I want to do it to have individual time with each driver.

I help in the shop when it gets hectic to keep the morale up and keep the trucks well taken care of.

I help answer phones during peak times of the month when the office gets busy.

When your team sees your work ethic and your desire to help, they buy into what you are promoting. 

Waste360 Staff: What has kept you with this company for so long?

Frischkorn: What do I love about working there? There are so many things it’s hard to list.

I love the freedom, I get to call the shots at my facility like it’s my own business. I love being held accountable for those decisions good or bad.

I love the philosophy of John Jennings, our founder: good trucks, good people, and great service.

I love the accessibility of the leadership: you can call or email anyone at any time and talk to them.

I love the fact that the owner of the company is so involved and knows what each division is doing, and comments on our performance at least once a month.

What really caught my eye from the first day was how well-maintained the equipment is. It really changed my idea of what a garbage truck should look like when I first started.

I could go on for days but I think it’s easy to see there is so much to love.  

Waste360 Staff: What was your favorite position and why?

Frischkorn: My favorite position so far has to be my current one as a division manager. I love the freedom and trust they have given me to run my business. 

Waste360 Staff: What is your favorite thing about what you do now?

Frischkorn: Being a part of everyone’s day. I talk to every employee at least 2 to 3 times a day. I like the connection you get when you spend the work week together. 

Waste360 Staff: Can you tell me what role dedication has had on your success within the company?

Frischkorn: I think it’s the most important part of success with any leadership role.

I learned a long time ago that everyone who works with you sees what you do, which can be a positive or negative thing. So making sure you are dedicated every day plays a huge part in how you and your team perform.

Waste360 Staff: What do you believe is most important about your work?

Frischkorn: We keep our communities beautiful. If you ever find yourself in a rural area where garbage service is not provided, you will find all kinds of illegal dumping. We make residents confident that their communities will stay clean. We do annual clean-ups. We love being a part of our communities. 

Waste360 Staff: Where do you see yourself in the future?

Frischkorn: I definitely see myself with Waste Pro, and hopefully in a higher position. I think my next step will be Regional Vice President, but I’m patient and love what I do. With this company, all it takes is hard work and you can continue to climb the ladder.

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