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Veolia Launches Sustainable Packaging Academy

Veolia Launches Sustainable Packaging Academy
The initiative will provide businesses with the opportunity to better understand packaging circularity and future-proof packaging design.

As part of the drive to increase the circular economy and tackle the problem of packaging waste, Veolia is launching a Sustainable Packaging Academy (SPA) that makes it easier to improve manufacturers’ environmental credentials. Designed to close the link between producers and recyclers, this new initiative will provide businesses with the opportunity to better understand packaging circularity and future-proof packaging design. 

Veolia’s Sustainable Packaging Academy provides a new route for industry to achieve a real circular economy for all types of packaging and ensure materials can be easily collected, recycled and returned to industry for reuse. This approach brings in the consumer experience, waste collection, processing and end market realities to help provide the best advice on overcoming the challenges. 

By joining the academy, members will be able to take advantage of the latest reports and design guides, and work in partnership to develop bespoke solutions that boost sustainability. Members will also be able to keep ahead of legislative changes, network with other packaging stakeholders and take advantage of Veolia expertise in the latest recycling technologies.

"As the global leader in environmental services, we are committed to improve environmental performance by preserving resources and extend sustainable supply chains," said Richard Kirkman, chief technology and innovation officer, Veolia UK and Ireland, in a statement. "We all know the impact of packaging on the environment, and the launch of our Sustainable Packaging Academy will further strengthen our work with manufacturers, industry bodies and local authorities in the drive to ensure that it is all recyclable. If we are to deliver on the huge surge in public interest in our sector, we must put the Resources & Waste strategy into practice in a way that can be understood by people inside, and outside, the industry."

"Our all-in-one service now delivers the expertise needed to understand packaging recyclability and make the right design decisions, and can help develop joint solutions or new recycling processes," he added. "In the move to cut climate change and target net zero carbon, it's vital that we address the real impact packaging has—and the SPA will help do just that."

The academy is aimed at anyone who is involved in packaging design, environment, supply chain or sustainability roles in key sectors such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, retail or packaging manufacturing.

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