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Toronto Approves Plan to Divert 95% of Solid Waste by 2050

The plan has been crafted to keep warming to under two degrees.

Toronto officials have approved a climate plan that would aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050. As part of that, the city is aiming to divert 95 percent of its solid waste. has more:

Perks noted that the report sets ambitious goals that require immediate action: including requiring that all new buildings are built to have near-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and to see all existing buildings so retrofitted by 2050.

It would also require that 75 per cent of energy use be derived from low-carbon and renewable energy sources, and 30 per cent of floor space would be hooked up to low-carbon thermal energy.

And nearly all – 95 per cent – of solid waste would be diverted by 2050.

The plan has been crafted to keep warming to under two degrees. Perks noted that the issues Toronto has dealt with recently – from flooding to washed-out roads – occurred within the two-degree temperature increase.

Read the full story here.

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