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Redrock Environmental Rescues, Refurbishes Bikes from Landfill

Article-Redrock Environmental Rescues, Refurbishes Bikes from Landfill

Redrock Environmental Rescues, Refurbishes Bikes from Landfill
The company works with law enforcement to refurbish the bikes for needy children.

Redrock Environmental Group is helping to restore discarded bicycles from the Fairmead landfill in Chowchilla, Calif., for use by local, needy children.

"Redrock and the Caglia family are happy to have partnered with Madera County law enforcement to get these bikes into the hands of kids," said Division Manager Justin Raymond in a statement.

Richard Delgado, a Madera County Jail correctional officer serving as a community service officer, picks up the bicycles for refurbishing. He has established a network of churches, schools, the women’s shelter in Madera and the county’s probation department to get the like-new bikes distributed to children throughout the year.

"My crew consists of county inmates released early on county parole as well as court-appointed people sentenced to work community service hours. We collect the broken bicycles from the landfill, along with others we pick up in our daily routine of picking up trash from all over the county of Madera," said Delgado. "I transport all of the bicycles collected to the Chowchilla Men's Prison on Avenue 24 in Chowchilla. A group of prison inmates is currently assigned to refurbish/rebuild the bicycles, and I will say they do an excellent job!"

While the Fairmead landfill is a place for disposing of garbage, many items are reclaimed and recycled.

"At the Redrock Environmental Group, we do everything we can to recycle and repurpose items that are disposed of at the landfill," said Raymond. "We are thrilled to work with Madera County to get previously discarded bikes restored and delivered into the hands of kids. Everyone has heard the slogan 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.' At Redrock and all of the Caglia family-owned solid waste companies, we practice what we preach."

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