Orlando, Fla., Firm Launches Zero Waste Program

TerraCycle Disposable-Gloves-box-terracycle-zero-waste-box.jpg
MSW is implementing Zero Waste Boxes in its work vans to make it convenient for field operations staff to recycle materials that are otherwise not recyclable.

MSW Consultants, a management consulting firm specializing in the waste and recycling industry, is utilizing a TerraCycle recycling solution in order to minimize the overall waste sent to landfills at MSW’s Orlando, Fla., headquarters.

By placing Zero Waste Boxes in its work vans, MSW is aiming to make it easy and convenient for field operations staff to recycle materials that are otherwise unrecyclable within Florida’s curbside recycling programs. Through recycling common types of personal protective equipment, like Tyvek suits or disposable gloves, the company is diverting waste from landfills and demonstrating its commitment to sustainability to local government and private sector customers.

MSW Consultants is a national provider of material characterization studies, which involve the sampling and sorting of refuse, mixed recyclables and mixed organics at solid waste facilities across the country. MSW employees and subcontractors use a variety of personal protective equipment (PPE), which historically has been discarded at the conclusion of each job. TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Box program offers a means for recovering these traditionally non-recyclable items and recycling them into practical products.

"MSW Consultants is thrilled to have found a recycling solution for our safety garments and gloves,” said Charlie Pioli, analyst at MSW Consultants, in a statement. “As an outfit that travels extensively around the country conducting waste composition studies, we go through a voluminous amount of PPE waste. With TerraCycle's simple Zero Waste Box, we can do our job more responsibly and let our actions support our words."

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