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NYC Sees Uptick in Residents, Tourism and Waste Generation

The DSNY has added new routes or expanded routes, added regular service on Sundays and increased collections of its 24,131 sidewalk baskets to keep up with waste collection.

As the population and number of tourists rise in New York City so does the amount of waste generated. And to keep up with the collection and disposal of that waste, the City of New York Department of Sanitation has added new routes or expanded routes in various neighborhoods, added regular service on Sundays and increased collections of its 24,131 sidewalk baskets.    

Additionally, the city’s adopt-a-basket program, which recruits businesses and others to empty street baskets, has added 1,880 volunteers to its staff, and NYC Cleanup has also expanded to help assist the city with waste cleanup.

The New York Times has more details:

Mark Patton has never had so many neighbors in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He should know because it is his job to pick up after them.

As a New York City sanitation worker, he drives a mechanical street sweeper past a small forest of new residential buildings, crowded subway stations and block after block of stores, restaurants and bars. He finds so many more water bottles, soiled napkins, newspapers, cigarette butts and nastier discards than when he started nine years ago that he has to circle back and make a second pass.

“It’s a lot more litter for me to pick up,” said Mr. Patton, 32. “I can’t slack off at all.”

Read the full story here.

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