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New Businesses Sprout Up to Support Missoula, Mont., Waste Reduction Efforts

Missoula’s city council recently approved resolution to reduce the city’s waste by 90 percent by the year 2050.

Several businesses have emerged in Missoula, Mont., to help support the municipality’s push to reduce how much waste it sends to landfill.

Nonprofit Home ReSource in Missoula is a home deconstruction program, which preserves building materials instead of taking them to the landfill. Meanwhile, a new e-waste recycling business, Oreo’s Refining, has also emerged.

Missoula’s  city council recently approved resolution to reduce the city’s waste by 90 percent by the year 2050.

The Missoulian has the details:

Jason Nuckolls, the owner of Montana Deconstruction Services, said that the deconstruction services provided by Home ReSource have saved tons of waste from entering the landfill, and have given thousands of people in Missoula access to cheaper materials by allowing them to repurpose lumber, fixtures and other materials.

“We’ve built such a demand for it that it doesn’t need a nonprofit home anymore,” he said. “It’s its own thriving business. The community gets it, the need for deconstruction to keep waste out of the landfill.”

“Part of Home ReSource’s mission is to build a vibrant and sustainable local economy, and this spinoff shows we’re doing that,” said Home ReSource executive director Katie Deuel.

Nuckolls said Montana Deconstruction Services will still donate all the materials it salvages to Home ReSource on behalf of its clients. When someone is looking to demolish their home or a major part of it, they can call Nuckolls and get a bid to have it salvaged instead.

Read the full story here.

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