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Industry Celebrates National CleanUp Day

Article-Industry Celebrates National CleanUp Day

On September 15, organizations and individuals will join forces to clean up the nation’s parks, trails, beaches, mountains and open spaces.

On Saturday, September 15, communities across the nation will participate in the second annual National CleanUp Day, which aims to expand its impact and continue working toward the goal of eliminating litter in the U.S.

National CleanUp Day, a nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is to assist in promoting a clean outdoors for all, takes place the third Saturday of every September and was founded by Steve Jewett and Bill Willoughby to create partnerships for a national, annual, one-day event to clean up the nation.

The 24 hours dedicated to picking up and disposing of litter is an opportunity for citizens who use public spaces to join others in keeping the spaces as pristine as the nation’s forefathers had envisioned.

This year, National CleanUp Day is looking to find the answer to the question: What would our country be like if everyone went outside and picked up at least one piece of litter? The ultimate goal is to have a significant percentage of communities participating in this one-day cleanup event, which will help beautify the country and also connect volunteers and strengthen relationships in their neighborhoods.

“A key concept of National CleanUp Day is that if you’re not having fun, you are doing it wrong,” said National CleanUp Day Co-founders Jewett and Willoughby.

National CleanUp Day is now partnering with World CleanUp Day, a global alliance headquartered in Estonia with the Let’s Do It World Foundation that has more than 150 countries with diverse cultures and millions of volunteers, making this a monumental event.

National CleanUp Day knows how large of an impact one day of cleanups can have. According to a 2009 study conducted by Keep America Beautiful, one of the strongest contributors to littering behavior is the prevalence of existing litter. So, while one day of cleanup doesn’t sound like much, it’s likely to have a lasting effect throughout the year.

National CleanUp Day is made possible by a network of volunteer groups leading the charge in their local communities. These groups include nonprofits, local and federal government partners, Keep America Beautiful, the Coastal Conservancy and more. Also involved will be companies of all sorts, including LinkedIn, Sears, YMCA and IMG.

To find an National CleanUp Day event near you, click here. To find a World Cleanup day near you, click here.

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