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Avery Brewery

Colorado Researchers Partner with Avery Brewing to Turn Beer Waste into Batteries

The researchers use Neurospora crassa, a rapidly growing filamentous fungus, to create electrodes for lithium-ion batteries.

A group of Colorado researchers have teamed up with Boulder, Colo.-based Avery Brewery to turn the brewery’s wastewater into a critical lithium-ion battery component: electrodes. To make these electrodes, the researchers use Neurospora crassa, a rapidly growing filamentous fungus.

Geek has more:

Beer really is amazing stuff. How amazing? It’s so amazing that even the waste produced by the brewing process can be used to do pretty incredible things.

Take the work that’s being done by a team of researchers in Colorado, for example. They’ve partnered up with Avery Brewing in Boulder to produce a critical battery component using the wastewater that is producing their two dozen-plus craft beers creates.

Read the full story here.

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