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Circular Blu Creates Reusable Bags from Medical Facilities’ Blue Wrap

Over the past two years, Circular Blu has recycled more than 100,000 pounds of blue wrap.

Medford, Ore.-based Circular Blu is transforming medical facilities’ blue wrap polypropylene 5 plastic material used to keep surgical kits sterile prior to surgery into reusable bags. Each year, medical facilities generate hundreds of millions of pounds of blue wrap, which is often sent to landfill.

Over the past two years, Circular Blu has recycled more than 100,000 pounds of blue wrap, which is 0.05 percent of the overall blue wrap used in the U.S. each year.

Melrose Free Press has more information:

Melrose residents are more than familiar with recycling. Upwards of 70 percent of the city’s households put their recycling bins and containers out on the curb every week, thereby diverting recyclables—mostly plastic, glass, newsprint, and aluminum—from the landfill or the incinerator.

But there’s recycling, and then there’s recycling. Or, to be more precise, there’s “down-cycling” and there’s “up-cycling,” both terms referring to the fate of the material after it’s placed on the curb or otherwise removed from the generator’s premises.

In down-cycling, material is re-processed to make new raw material that goes into the production of new products. Waste plastics, for example, are collected, ground up, melted, and made into pellets that serve as a feedstock in downstream production processes.

Read the full story here.

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