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This Week in Waste: Top Stories September 24 - September 28This Week in Waste: Top Stories September 24 - September 28

Solid waste is a global problem with no one solution when it comes to creating circularity. This week, Waste360 readers learned about what brands such as McDonald's are doing to generate change.

September 29, 2023

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Former Waste Hauler Makes a Living off of Industrial Castoffs

Damon Carson, a veteran waste guru, likes to gamble. And he puts his wages on industrial hand-me-downs, banking that he can procure and rehome some of the weirdest stuff, even if he hasn’t mapped out a market for the goods.   He’s having a winning streak. His company, repurposedMATERIALS, is on target to save 16 to 19 million pounds from landfill burial in 2023.

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One of World’s Largest McDonald’s Franchisees Buys Biobased Products Made from Trash

Israeli tech company UBQ Materials has developed a plastic substitute made from hard-to-impossible-to-recycle municipal solid waste (MSW) ranging from banana peels to chicken bones, diapers, fiber, and mixed plastics. UBQ is a biobased composite with thermoplastic characteristics that is used in thousands of applications across multiple industries.

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Driving Recycling Rates Through Policy: Support for Advanced Recycling

One of my favorite parts about my job, and arguably the most important, is centered around technology and innovation. As the world closes in on new ways to responsibly use and reuse plastic so that it doesn’t become waste, technology and innovation are the drivers making this happen. With dedicated research and development, we have so many more options for plastics recycling than we did just 20 years ago, meaning a wider variety of plastics can become new products instead of losing these valuable feedstocks to the landfill.

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EverestLabs Pairs AI with MRFs to Improve Accuracy and Save Money

EverestLabs wasted no time getting right into the thick of things as WASTECON’s 2023 conference opened, holding an informative session detailing how AI and data can enhance and maximize efficiency at MRFs.

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