New Ways to Recycle Organics and Reduce Harmful Emissions from the Waste Stream (WasteExpo Together Online 2021)

November 29, 2021

Haulers and recyclers have increasingly become more involved in recycling food waste in the U.S. as food waste has become a more common renewable energy fuel source. Meanwhile, fees and restrictions for dumping organic waste in landfills and other unsustainable areas are rising. Through this interview-style session, John Hanselman will explain the complete value chain of food waste to RNG/renewable electricity, including the roles that haulers and recyclers play. Liz and John will discuss new and innovative ways for haulers and recyclers to involve themselves in converting waste into renewable energy while maintaining or even improving their margins. Liz and John will also discuss the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance, a pre-competitive collaboration between Starbucks, Unilever, Dairy Farmers of America and Vanguard Renewables, dedicated to recycling food and beverage waste into renewable energy.

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