Waste Management Negotiating Big Fine Over Spill at Landfill

Waste Management Inc. is negotiating to reduce a water pollution fine of close to $1 million regarding water pollution at its San Jose, Calif., landfill.

The violation occurred when Guadalupe Energy LLC, which leases and operates a gas recovery facility at the landfill, discharged 86,220 gallons of storm water contaminated with landfill gas condensate into a creek about a year ago, according to a complaint from the Oakland-based California Regional Water Quality Control Board, San Francisco Bay Area region.

The board is seeking a civil fine of $882,200 from Waste Management as the owner of the landfill.

Waste Management “worked vigorously” to respond to the spill when it happened, says Ken Lewis, director of disposal operations for the California Bay area, in an interview. The board agrees the site has been remediated. He says the company believes Guadalupe Energy is liable for the fine and is negotiating with them also.


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