Waste Management Launches New Waste Collection Trailer Line (with video)

Waste Management Launches New Waste Collection Trailer Line (with video)

Waste Management Inc. is introducing its new line of Rotopress waste collection trailers, natural-gas fueled and designed to improve operational flexibility.

The waste company is launching a pilot program in its home base of Houston, followed by tests in San Diego; Milwaukee; Sacramento, Calif.; and Camden, N.J.

Waste Management said in a news release it expects the program to provide greater operational flexibility, improve maintenance costs, and reduce trips, fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Rotopress modular technology, combined with a decoupled tractor-trailer configuration using natural gas for fuel, provides several operational and environmental benefits. It provides a greater payload, allowing the vehicle to carry up to 14 tons. The decoupled chassis allows for easier replacement. As a semi-truck trailer, it has a 40-ercent smaller turn radius than a rigid vehicle for greater maneuverability, the company said.

Rotopress is manufactured by Faun, a German producer of waste vehicles.

"Waste Management's investment in unique and innovative fleet technologies like the Rotopress is helping us operate our core business activities more efficiently as well as reduce the environmental footprint of our fleet," said Eric Woods, Waste Management’s vice president, fleet and logistics.

Waste Management's existing fleet includes more than 1,400 heavy-duty trucks fueled with natural gas.

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