WasteExpo 2021 Conference Program: Access Your Sessions Today

July 22, 2021


After a whirlwind year, WasteExpo finally kicked off again for three days filled with a conference program that is more interactive and essential than ever before–providing you with everything you need to do your job smarter, safer and more efficiently!

To access this year's digital sessions, choose one of the links below.

June 28, 2021:

Operations: A View from the Hauler

NothingWasted! The Future of Recycling – Lessons Learned from the Past

Utilizing Technology & Data to Increase Operational Efficiency

Plenary Session & Keynote Address: Innovations in Food Waste Prevention, Reduction, & Recovery, Actions Needed to Help Achieve 50% Reduction in Food Waste by 2030

Anaerobic Digestion: Renewable Energy from Organics, Biofuels, Business and Project Development

Plenary Session: Innovations & Solutions in Food Waste Prevention, Reduction & Recovery

People’s Choice Session: Legislative Updates by Region

The ABC’s of Medical Waste - Getting to Know the Waste Stream You Didn’t Think You Managed

Thinking Outside the (Reused) Box: Delivering Financial & Environmental Impact While Avoiding Logistic Nightmares!

How a Traffic AI Detection System Can Help Reduce Injuries & Save Lives

EPR – Where We Stand & Where We Are Headed

Advances in Wasted Food Policy and Practices; Using Measurement Tools to Reduce Food Waste and Drive Prevention

Composting Technologies, Case Studies, Best Management Practices

Textile Identification, Management Practices, and Policy Recommendations

Lessons Learned from COVID-19: Safety and Operations Best Practices

Implementing a National Vision for Recycling

The Evolution of E-waste: Challenges, Opportunities and Innovations

Sustainable Materials Management – From Theory to Practical Application

Preventing Food Waste and Fighting Hunger in the U.S.: Award Winners of Kroger’s Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Foundation’s Innovation Fund

Anaerobic Digestion: Technologies, Feedstocks, Successful Case Studies

Rethinking Your Safety Program

Standardized Date Labels, Information Campaigns and Consumer Food Waste: Research and Response

NothingWasted! War on Plastics

Rising Leaders Talk Trash

Organics Diversion and Collection

Technology + Civil Engagement + Partnerships: Launching and Scaling Food Recovery

Thrown Away? Creating Job Opportunities for Reentering Citizens

What is PFAS & How Do We Treat It? - Part 1

What is PFAS & How Do We Treat It? - Part 2

Chemical and Advanced Recycling: Emerging Roles for the Waste & Recycling Industry

June 29, 2021:

SPOTLIGHT SESSION: CEO Interview: One-on-one Chat with Worthing Jackman, President & CEO, Waste Connections

SPOTLIGHT SESSION: The Waste & Recycling Industry Employment Outlook (presented by the NWRA Women’s Council)

SPOTLIGHT SESSION: Opportunities & Challenges of Refuse Fleet Electrification – What We’ve Learned

Compliance Inspections and Agency Interactions - Technology Changes for the Better?

Maintenance Best Practices for Keeping Your Fleet On The Road

A Balancing Act: Municipalities Talk Recycling Issues

Fighting Fires: How to Prevent Fires & Respond When a Fire Occurs

Successful Composting Systems: From Consumer to Composter

Evaluation of Organics Management Options; Composting Odor Control; Equipment Maintenance

Using Drones to Improve Safety & Efficiency at Landfills

Composting, Anaerobic Digestion, and Climate Change Impacts

Panel Discussion on The Future of Organics in California

Capturing Event Food Waste to Maximize Food Waste Prevention, Donation, and Diversion

Organics Infrastructure Development, Investing Strategies, and Case Studies

The State of C&D Recycling—Market Development and Technology Advancements

Strategies and Policies for Food Waste and Increasing Recovery in Municipal, Regional, and State Programs

Innovation + Solutions on the Front Lines of the Food Waste Crisis

The Upcycled Food Association: The New Voice of a Growing Industry

Small Scale Food Waste Recycling Technologies for Food Waste Generators

Joining Forces: Tackling the Current Recycling System Across Industries

Smart MRFs: Retrofitting Facilities for the Future

Municipal Collection Agreements: No Longer a Take It or Leave It Proposition for Haulers


Business Leadership Forum:

The Comerica Economic Outlook: The Great Reflation, Part II

Leading Your Business Through COVID

Strategies for Maximizing Business Value Creation–Ensuring Value Realization Upon Exit

The Outlook for Recycling


June 30, 2021:

SPOTLIGHT SESSION: Adam Minter – Broken Phones and Used Cars: the Future of Recycling and Reuse Becomes the Past

Staying Protected Against Cyberattacks: Priority Services for Essential Workforce and Critical Infrastructure

If You Don’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It

Innovation & Advancement Through Partnership

Leading and Growing Your Business with Heart

Fueling Your Fleet: Current and Future Low Carbon Solutions

Evaluating Risk in the Eyes of the Insurer

NWRA Safety Super Session - Part 1

NWRA Safety Super Session - Part 2

Cart Smarts: Changing Behavior to Combat Contamination

Compostable Packaging: Issues and Solutions

Conversion Technologies for Organics; Process Design and Operational Boundaries

Insect Bioconversions: A Circular Business Model to Close the Loop in Local Food Systems

Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT), WWTP, and Other Organics Conversion Technologies

Closing Plenary: Visionary Perspectives on Biogas, Biofuels and Zero Waste

Food Care: A Roadmap to Effective Food Recovery

The Effects of Organics Diversion Policies on Food Donation and Food Waste Recycling Programs

Food Waste and Food Production: Best Management Practices and Corporate Social Responsibility

Food Donations & Safety: Towards Clear Protocols and Practices

Closing Plenary: Food Waste Paradigms, Barriers, and Solutions

Commodities Updates, End Markets & Export Opportunities - Part 1

Commodities Updates, End Markets & Export Opportunities - Part 2

Regulations Upon Regulations— Landfill Gas Update

What’s New with Mixed Waste?

Understanding Your Company’s Valuation

Leadership in Action—Insights from the 2021 Business Leadership Forum

Back to the Basics: Customer Service Best Practices Any Hauler Can and Should Implement

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