Southwest Making its Plane Interiors More Sustainable

Southwest Making its Plane Interiors More Sustainable

Southwest Airlines is retrofitting its airplane fleet to include a variety of sustainable products.

It is part of a $60 million redesign of its fleet’s interior, called Evolve, that is to begin and March and be completed in 2013, the Dallas-based Southwest said in a news release.

The improvements include new seats made from eco-friendly products that are six pounds lighter per seat and more durable, which Southwest said should save $10 million annually in fuel savings and longer product life. The seat covers use an environmentally friendly alternative to leather that is lower in cost. The airline reused the existing seat frames.

The interior carpet, made in a closed-loop recycled process, will be applied in squares to reduce the need for total replacement. The airline switched from plastic to a recyclable aluminum, which will increase durability and reduce waste on the rub strips, tray table latches and seat arm trim pieces. Southwest also made changes in the life vest pouch and wind screen to make them more environmentally friendly and durable.

For an interactive tour of the new interior, click here.


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