Mercury Switch Recycling Group Reaches Milestone

A recycling organization has collected four and a half million mercury automotive switches as part of a national recovery program.

The End of Life Vehicle Solutions (ELVS) organization reached the milestone as part of the National Vehicle Mercury Switch Recovery Program. ELVS is the partner responsible for collection, education and recycling of the automotive switches.

ELVS works with its partner, EQ – The Environmental Quality Co., to ensure that the mercury switches are properly recycled, the Wayne, Mich.-based EQ said in a news release.

Automakers stopped making switches with mercury in 2002, but millions remain in use. Mercury can be released into the environment when those vehicles are crushed.

The recovery program includes a commitment from automakers to take responsibility for the collection, transportation and recycling of the switches. Auto dismantlers recover the switches and submit them to EQ for processing.

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