Advance Auto, Valvoline Team Up on Oil Recycling

Advance Auto Parts and Valvoline are partnering to promote used oil recycling.

Consumers now may bring their used oil into any of Roanoke, Va.-based Advance’s more than 3,300 locations and purchase Valvoline’s NextGen oil, which is made of 50-percent recycled oil. Also, as part of Lexington, Ky.-based Valvoline’s “Close the Loop” program, Advance will offer consumers a $20 mail-in gift card, the companies said in a news release.

The companies said compared with non-recycled oil, NextGen uses 48-percent less fossil fuels, emits 40-percent less harmful and acidic emissions and has 20-percent less global warming impact.

“The Close the Loop program is a way to continue to encourage behavioral change that can help decrease our reliance on crude oil drilling by re-using the resources we have available," said Darryl Gaines, Valvoline brand manager.


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