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EIA: Build a Better Mousetrap

Article-EIA: Build a Better Mousetrap

WASTEC plans new industry standards, improved statistics for 2013.

WASTEC is the trade association that represents those companies which design, build, distribute, and service equipment and technology systems that are used to collect and manage solid waste and recyclable materials.

2013 will be an exciting year for WASTEC with new programs and exciting events all geared toward adding value to our members and becoming the “go-to” association for the waste and recycling industry.

2013 Standards Program

Accredited by American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the Accredited Standards Committee Z245 on Equipment Technology and Operations for Wastes and Recyclable Materials and its subcommittees currently provide the structure for work to be accomplished on industry standards. Seven subcommittees composed of industry experts and stakeholders have been established to act as the primary drafting groups for the content of the standards.

These subcommittees develop the standards for mobile equipment, compactors, balers, carts and containers, transfer stations, and material recovery facilities. In 2013, the association will publish four revised standards on compactor safety requirements for manufacturers and users (Z245.2 and Z245.21), and on baler safety requirements for manufacturers and users (Z245.5 and Z245.51). These revisions will replace the current 2008 safety requirements and establish additional requirements to reduce the hazards associated with the manufacturer installation and use of compacting and baling equipment.

WASTEC also will identify new standards to address the important safety needs throughout the waste and recycling industry.

Ideas for new standards include Equipment Procurement that would be applicable to organizations engaged in the procurement of equipment or construction of facilities used for managing and collecting solid waste and recyclable materials; Size Reduction that will address the design, installation, operation and safety of equipment used to reduce the physical dimensions of waste and recyclable materials; Landfills that will establish safety requirements for the design, construction, engineering, modification, maintenance and operation of landfills; and the Collection and Processing of Organics that will establish criteria for the safe collection and processing and transport of organics and other hazardous materials.

Statistics Program

The Market Statistics Program has been touted as a key benefit to WASTEC membership as it provides participating members with information essential to making informed business decisions regarding production, marketing and sales.

Currently the statistics program collects unit sales data on the following equipment: Mobile equipment including CNG/LNG (compressed natural gas and liquid natural gas) and roll-offs, balers, compactors, two-wheel carts, containers, mobile tipper lifters, stationary loader lifters and tarps. WASTEC is looking at expanding the program to include route management systems, data on volumes of MSW (municipal solid waste) tons, data on recyclable materials for waste stream diversion, and regional and national recycling trends by category (residential, commercial, industrial).

To improve on our current program, WASTEC recently partnered with ITR Economics to administer and grow the current program, but also identify unique economic indicators and create industry specific forecasts.

The new and improved statistics program will include significant enhancements to the report format, presentation, visuals and economic trend analysis. Program participants will receive an improved report with an executive summary, charts/graphs, customizing company data/market share information, and comparisons of economic indicators to manufacturers data.

Program participants will also receive an ITR Economic Advisor, a monthly, four-page snapshot on the state of the U.S. and global economy that offers subscribers a quick glance overview of key indicators, overall business health, and immediate actions to take in response to unfolding news events. The Economic Advisor will also be available to non-participating members on a subscription basis.

WASTEC Annual Conference 2013

WASTEC will be holding their 2013 Annual Conference March 4-6th at the PGA National Resort and Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. During the conference, members will be able to take part in standards development, as the Z245 full committee and subcommittees will be meeting. There will also be informative education sessions, networking receptions, and last but not least the annual WASTEC Golf Outing.

Cai Owens is the program manager for the Waste Equipment Technology Association (WASTEC). For more information about any of these activities, email [email protected].

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