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Kitsault Energy Announces WTE Project in India and Canada

The company will use its patented process to produce solid biofuel.

Kitsault Energy (KE) announced plans for a waste-to-energy (WTE) project in India and Canada that will use its proprietary and patented process to convert waste into high-energy, water-repellent solid biofuel that burns with no residual ash.

The company will target legacy waste wood from pulp and paper plants, municipal solid waste (MSW), road waste, food waste, animal manure and invasive weeds like Gando Baval in India.

"Kitsault Energy invites municipalities, companies and governments with a green vision of the future to join us. Climate change, the expected cost of carbon in tomorrow’s economy, the desire to get off fossil fuels, the need to develop alternative energy sources, the ever-growing problem of landfills and the drive for a sustainable future are all compelling reasons to join us. We offer a small step in the right direction," said Krishnan Suthanthiran, president and founder of KE, in a statement.

KE will offer the produced biofuel as an alternative to coal and hopes its process can serve as an effective solution to landfills and holding ponds.

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