Covanta WTE facility

Covanta, Delaware County, Pa., Extend Partnership

The facility also recycles more than 35,000 tons of metal annually.

Covanta announced a new agreement with the Delaware County Solid Waste Authority (DCSWA) for sustainable waste disposal at the Covanta Delaware Valley Energy-from-Waste facility located in Chester, Pa. The new five-year agreement, which includes extension provisions, continues a 25-year partnership between Covanta and Delaware County.

Delaware County generates approximately 360,000 tons of municipal solid waste annually. Residue from the energy-from-waste process will continue to be beneficially reused as daily cover at the county's landfill.

Since 1992, Covanta Delaware Valley has provided reliable and sustainable waste management to municipalities in Delaware County and neighboring communities. The Energy-from-Waste facility converts up to 3,500 tons of municipal solid waste per day into 80 megawatts of clean, renewable energy - enough to power 70,000 homes continuously. The facility also recycles more than 35,000 tons of metal annually.

Energy-from-waste facilities such as Covanta Delaware Valley provide a sustainable and safe alternative to landfills, recycle metal and reduce greenhouse gases. During its 25 years of operation, the facility has:

  • Saved over 200 acres of land from landfilling
  • Reduced net greenhouse gas emissions by 25 million tons, the equivalent of removing nearly five million passenger vehicles from the road for one year
  • Recovered 750,000 tons of metals for recycling, equivalent to the steel that would be used to build nearly 10 Ben Franklin Bridges (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Generated 15 million megawatt-hours of electricity, the equivalent of powering over 1.3 million homes for one year

"The Delaware County Solid Waste Authority has developed an award-winning waste management system that includes Energy-from-Waste for any residual waste that remains after recycling," Joey Neuhoff, vice president and general manager of Covanta's Mid-Atlantic region, said in a statement. "We are proud of our contributions to provide safe, reliable waste disposal and a source of clean energy, and look forward to serving the community for many years to come."

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