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Biogas Industry Leaders Announce Global Partnership

MicroCap Twitter Image Biogas Industry Leaders Announce Global Partnership
The Integrated Biogas Alliance will offer technology solutions for turning organic waste into renewable energy and organic fertilizers.

Greenlane Renewables Inc. announced that the founding members of the Integrated Biogas Alliance (IBA), including AB Energy (Italy), Eisenmann Corporation (U.S.), Entsorga (Italy), Tietjen (Germany) and Greenlane Renewables (Canada), have joined forces on a non-exclusive basis to provide the global biogas industry with a fully integrated organic waste-to-renewable energy platform.

According to IBA, this solution will lower the inherent risks facing developers, investors and EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) firms in developing biogas plants, lower project execution risks and improve their bankability. With its global footprint, reach and supply chain, IBA has the capability to process virtually any organic waste including livestock, food and green waste, generating both renewable natural gas as well as compost and other organic fertilizers for projects anywhere in the world. Extracting biogas from organic waste means not only producing bio-energy and other fuels from renewable sources, but at the same time reducing carbon dioxide emissions in compliance with the targets set by the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement to fight climate change.

“We are honored to bring the advanced, reliable biogas upgrading technology part of this platform solution in a way that is integrated both technically and commercially with the other technologies required for complete greenfield projects,” said Brad Douville, president and CEO of Greenlane Renewables, in a statement. “Our full spectrum of biogas upgrading systems are designed to handle every biogas application from landfills and wastewater treatment plants to dairy farms and food or other organic waste facilities and are therefore perfectly suited for this global alliance that will provide a solution for any kind of organics waste project. We look forward to working with this impressive group of companies on future projects to create new business opportunities and secure additional orders with the ultimate goal of significantly reducing greenhouse gases.”

“The IBA partnership brings together industry leaders with proven technologies who recognize the need for an integrated platform solution approach to advancing the deployment of biogas plants around the world,” said Christopher Maloney, newly elected president of IBA, in a statement. “All our partners have long-standing reputations for quality delivery, execution excellence and customer satisfaction, and we are thrilled to be joining forces with such a world-class group of companies. The market is definitely pulling us toward providing customers with a total solution, where they can more easily optimize the full economic, agronomic and environmental value chain of products from the plant, driving stronger ROI [return on investment], enabling more circular economy benefits while reducing project implementation and financing risk. We are also excited to bring our combined expertise to support the industry in lowering greenhouse gas emissions, something the IBA is passionate about.”

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