PK Clean Opens Plastic Waste-to-Energy Plant

PK Clean has opened a plastic waste-to-fuel plant in Salt Lake City.

The company, also based in Salt Lake City, said in a news release that the plant is the first commercial-scale, continuous plastic-to-oil facility in North America.

The plant converts 20,000 pounds of plastic, numbers 3-7, into about 2,500 gallons of oil per day. PK Clean believes the plant’s capacity is ideal for many recyclers, and its size can be customized.

The output can be customized by fuel type, including diesel. The processor can be easily co-located at customer sites, as it takes up only 300 square feet. And its continuous design allow for a low operating and capital cost.

The company was founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. PK Clean is evaluating sites for future plants nationwide.

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