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July 1, 2008

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Praying Over the Pile

It would seem a difficult task to accidentally toss close to $200,000 in the garbage. But that is the story told by a Provo, Utah, woman who, perhaps understandably, wished to remain nameless. The woman, who works from home, had gathered $188,000 in checks on a Monday evening for deposit the next morning. Overnight, they disappeared. By the time she thought to tell her son to check the trash can at the curb, the garbage truck had already come and gone.

With $188,000 being a sum that one doesn't simply give up on, the woman ran down the truck. The apologetic driver, who in the interim had serviced about 75 homes, encouraged the distraught woman to follow him to the landfill where she could look through the unloaded pile.

At the landfill, the woman, a friend and some sympathetic sanitation workers, including Provo City Sanitation Manager Brad Rollins, began the grim work of digging through 30 tons of trash in search of a little white envelope in a little white garbage bag. Initially unsuccessful, the woman and her friend paused to pray while workers used equipment to roll off the top layer of the pile. Rollins immediately spotted a white bag full of papers, and soon unearthed the envelope, checks intact.

Which all begs the question: Exactly what kind of work-from-home job pays $188,000?!
Source: BYU NewsNet

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