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McNeilus Rolls Out Service, Maintenance Video Library

Article-McNeilus Rolls Out Service, Maintenance Video Library

McNeilus Rolls Out Service, Maintenance Video Library
McNeilus is investing in visual learning to help train technicians.

McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company, is expanding its ability to educate and empower its customers with the launch of a service and maintenance video library, designed to help customers quickly and properly service their refuse collection vehicles. Known for its customer support, McNeilus said it recognizes the increased demand among consumers for visual learning tools and is rolling out several videos for the Atlantic Series Front Loader, Zero Radius Automated Side Loader, Rear Loaders and Meridian Front Loader.

“With industry technician shortages and high turnover rates among maintenance staff, we recognized the importance of providing other service training options for our customers to provide a full understanding of all our vehicles. We made the decision to heavily invest in building out a service and maintenance video library,” said Jim McReynolds, vice president and general manager, customer support solutions at McNeilus, in a statement. “The more knowledgeable our customers are about our vehicles, the more efficiently and effectively they’re able to service their vehicles. This means they are back up and running sooner.”

The videos, which are found in the media library on McNeilusCompanies.com, will help answer customers’ most common questions about McNeilus refuse vehicles and alleviate some of the strain caused by technician shortages, helping to ensure McNeilus products are being serviced correctly.

Visitors to the library will see videos that address how to deal with various hydraulic issues and instructions on how to test and adjust for various functions, including but not limited to:

  • Testing and adjusting the hydraulic overspeed control valve
  • Testing and adjusting the main relief valve
  • How to check low pressure standby if the hydraulic functions are not sufficiently responsive or are too responsive
  • Testing the hydraulic pump and pressure compensator

The library complements McNeilus’ other service-focused support options including the Technical Support Hotline and the Service Technician Training program. The company will continue to expand its video offerings based on common questions and customer demand to ensure the topics remain relevant to current customer needs.

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