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Tennessee Transfer Station Receives Multiple Violations for Mounting Debris

The facility in Cannon County has repeatedly been found with trash piled on the ground.

A waste transfer station in Cannon County, Tenn., has been issued multiple violations for excessive waste piled on the ground, underneath the trash compacter and spilling out of several metal containers.

This most recent violation was brought to the attention of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) after several nearby residents took pictures of the mounting trash piles and posted them on social media.

“We are also evaluating further enforcement action based on the County’s recent history of noncompliance,” said Eric Ward, communications director for TDEC, in an article published by WSMV.

WSMV  has more information:

Starting in August 2017, a TDEC inspector found excessive waste underneath the compactor and under and around the metal trailer.

In subsequent inspections, in September and October, inspectors found waste underneath the compactor and spilling out.

In November, TDEC met with Gannon, who, according to records of the meeting, committed to closer oversight of the employees and stated he was two inmates short that have helped out at the site in the past.

In his email to the I-Team, Ward wrote that at that meeting, the county was given 30 days to respond with a plan for fixing the repeated issues.

“As of today, we have not received a response,” Ward wrote.

Read the full story here.

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