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Company Plans to Test New Technology to Vaporize Hog Waste

Company Plans to Test New Technology to Vaporize Hog Waste

Florida-based Plasma Energy Group plans to test new vaporizing technology on hog waste produced at Sandy River Farm in Conway County this month in hopes of eventually using the technology at C&H Hog Farms in Newton County to allay concerns of environmental groups upset about C&H's presence in the Buffalo River watershed.

Initially, Plasma Energy Group, C&H Hog Farms and Cargill -- which owns the hogs at C&H Hog Farms -- planned to test the technology on-site in Mount Judea, but Cargill spokesman Mike Martin said that changed after meetings with concerned parties in Northwest Arkansas. Cargill owns the Sandy River Farm facility and its hogs, and is choosing the site as a replacement outside the Buffalo River watershed, which is the area surrounding the river where water drains into it.

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