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Making Dayton, Ohio Greener with a New Sustainability Strategy

The city of Dayton, Ohio is recommending a new sustainability strategy to make the city greener. 

“We have to take action now,” Mark Charles, Dayton’s sustainability manager said. “We developed this strategy to make Dayton more sustainable, and it’s a strategy ― not an implementation plan ― because we wanted to articulate what our goals and focus areas are.” 

From adopting a resolution declaring a climate emergency to eliminating single-use and impossible-to-recycle materials from the waste stream and prohibiting residents and businesses from putting recyclable materials in the trash, the strategy includes over 100 recommendations over the next five years. 

The strategy contributes to a greener and more sustainable economy and the city’s sustainability office will work with each city department and division to formulate an implementation plan. 

Read the complete story here


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