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Eat Beyond Portfolio Company Develops Microwavable, Compostable Containers

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VANCOUVER, BC  - Eat Beyond Global Holdings Inc. (CSE: EATS) (OTCPK: EATBF) (FSE: 988) ("Eat Beyond" or the "Company"), an investment issuer focused on the global plant-based and alternative food sector, is announcing that its portfolio company good natured® (TSXV: GDNP) has developed Canada's first compostable, Microwavable To Go Containers. 

good natured® boasts 400 different products and services, and this new environmentally friendly packaging will be vital for consumers and businesses acclimating to Canada's impending single-use plastic regulations. 

"Eat Beyond is firmly committed to supporting innovation throughout the food industry. This means not only considering how our food is made, but how we store and transport it as well," Eat Beyond CEO Patrick Morris said.  "good natured® is making it easy and affordable to make eco-friendly choices that benefit the planet and reduce the massive waste and pollution that traditional, petroleum-based plastics cause."

The compostable Microwavable To Go Containers are made from 97% plant-based materials and are manufactured without "chemicals of concern" that are potentially dangerous to public health and the planet.  The durable, leak resistant containers are compostable, consistent with a "zero waste" focus.  good natured® is one of the largest North American suppliers of eco-conscious products made without petroleum and made free from BPAs, phthalates and other chemicals of concern.

"These durable, secure containers are likely to be immensely popular for both commercial and consumer use," Morris said.  "The rise in takeout and food delivery services throughout the pandemic has only heightened the opportunity and the importance of unlocking a climate-friendly sustainable solution to packaging waste and disposal."

The eco-conscious containers will be available in 16, 24, or 32-ounce sizes in a variety of colours. 

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About Eat Beyond Global Holdings

Eat Beyond Global Holdings Inc.  ("Eat Beyond") (CSE: EATS) (OTCPK: EATBF) (FSE: 988) is an investment issuer that makes it easy to invest in the future of food. Eat Beyond identifies and makes equity investments in global companies that are developing and commercializing innovative food tech as well as plant-based and alternative food products. Led by a team of food industry experts, Eat Beyond is the first issuer of its kind in Canada, providing retail investors with the unique opportunity to participate in the growth of a broad cross-section of opportunities in the alternative food sector, and access companies that are leading the charge toward a smarter, more secure food supply. Learn more:

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