Waste Management Canada Opens Large Recycling Facility

Waste Management Canada Opens Large Recycling Facility

Waste Management of Canada has opened the largest private-sector recycling facility in Ontario.

The 126,000-sq.-ft. single-stream recycling facility in Cambridge will accept industrial and municipal waste, with a focus on businesses, the subsidiary of Houston-based Waste Management said in a news release. Until now Ontario businesses have not had access to high-quality single-stream recycling services, resulting in a lower waste diversion rate than residential waste, the company said.

The facility’s new technology, which includes a paper magnet, optical sorter, electro-magnetic technology and various screen sorters, will allow it to accept more waste than traditional facilities and sort materials more precisely, enhancing the amount recovered for reuse.

Waste for the facility will come primarily from southwestern Ontario. The facility has created about 80 jobs.

Waste Management of Canada employs 3,400 people at 116 operating locations, serving more than 4.5 million residential customers and 170,000 industrial and commercial customers. It owns and/or operates 20 recycling facilities and 18 landfills.

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