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Out-of-Control Garbage Truck Smashes into Mass. Home

The driver was taken to Beverly Hospital by ambulance.

A driver lost control of his garbage truck as he drove down a steep hill in Beverly, Mass., and was forced to jump from the vehicle before it smashed into a neighborhood home.

No one was seriously injured in the accident.

The driver was taken to Beverly Hospital by ambulance. Local police said the driver would not be cited. The truck is owned by JRM Hauling & Recycling.

The Salem News has more:

The accident took place in a neighborhood of steep hills near The Children's Center for Communication Beverly School for the Deaf. Jutras, who was home with his wife at the time of the crash, said there have been several accidents in past years, including a large truck with hot top smashing through the hedges at his home.

Jutras said the impact of the crash knocked loose some of the rocks in the home's fieldstone foundation. The truck also damaged part of a sun porch.

Jutras said the house was still livable, "but there's got to be some major work done."

Read the full story here.

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